How To Install and Run Backtrack 5 On Android Mobile and Tablet

How To Install and Run Backtrack On Android Mobile and Tablet: Guide you step by step on how to install backtrack on android mobile or phone.

Install Backtrack 5 on Android

Hi Guys, I am back again with the latest cool tricks and information So Guys, Today we have discussed the How To Install and Run Backtrack On Android Previously, We are shared about the Create Bootable Linux USB Pendrive Using Windows. Android is the one of the best OS (Operating System) and backtrack is also my favorite OS. My first reason is world high class hackers make backtrack and the second one is all hacking tools are available and last and third one; it is a flavor of Linux. For penetration testing. It designed for world class hackers testing or hacking tool. Many peoples are used Backtrack on PC. But today I will share with you how to install backtrack five on android phone. Android is booming now these days. Now you can Install BackTrack Linux OS on Android smartphones and tablets. It comes with many more updated tools. Many peoples are also asking the question how to install backtrack on android without root, how to install Backtrack 5 in VMware Etc. Backtrack is also available with ARM architecture. Now, In these day it is possible to install and run Backtrack on your Android device. We was also posted some of the Best Android Hacking Applications 2016, which you should checkout.


                                                                                     Install and Run Backtrack On Android

Requirements for installing Backtrack on Android smartphone

  1. A Rooted  Device [ Root  Android Phone Without PC ]
  2. Android 1.6 or higher
  3. 1GHZ processor (recommended)
  4. 512MB Ram (recommended)
  5. SD card with at least 3.5GB of free space
  6. Data connection on your device
  7. Download Backtrack for Android ARM [ Download ]
  8. BusyBox [ Download ]
  9. Android Terminal and Android VNC
  10. You are using PC then you need 7zip for extraction otherwise, you can use archiver on your android phone. [Download ]
  11. Following Android Apps:

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How to download and install backtrack On Android Device

First of all extract the BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z. And copy the “BT5” folder and then drag in your mobile root directory. Here mine phone is /sd card. The root directory is different for different phone devices.

  1. Now, After Download and install all the above apps Android Vnc, TerminalBusybox, Android How to Install Busybox in Android
  2. After installing BusyBox app on your Android device then Now, open it and wait few seconds or minute until it finishes loading and then Select on Smart install.
  3. Now, open the android terminal and type the following this command:
    so cd /sd card/BT5
    sh, bootbtNOTE: – When you type su in a terminal, and it will ask you for superuser request, and you have to Click on Grant Button.
  4. After this, type the following commands in terminal.
    Export USER=root
  5. After entering vncpassword the terminal and then it will ask you to enter the password. Enter the desired password and Click Enter button.
  6. Now type this following commands.
    Tightvncserver -geometry 1280×720
  7. The terminal emulator will creates the localhost to connect it to VNC server. Now note the localhost port marked red below. Now minimize the terminal emulator.
  8. Open the android VNC and type the following settings.

Nickname : BT5
Password : your password here which you entered in terminal (step no.6)
Address : localhost
Port : 5906

NOTE : I Think your localhost’s port are matches found and with terminal’s localhost. Here mine New ‘X’ desktop is localhost:6. Your may be see the different of your desktop. So, in VNC type Port 590X where the “X” is the localhost in the android terminal.

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Final Words

That’s it So, Guys This was the way which you can Install Backtrack On Android Mobile from your Android device. You will also install backtrack on USB. Now just Click on connect to run the Backtrack on your android device. So in this way you successfully install backtrack 5 on android device. I hope you like and enjoy this tutorials how to install backtrack 5 on android phone. If you have face any problem or issues then you can feel free to discuss in comments below i will try to help you. Thanks for visiting and keep visiting here for more cool Android related Tricks Like this.

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