7 Best Rooting Apps To Root Android Without PC/Computer In 2 Minutes

Root For Android Without PC


Hello guys, today I am back again with the new tips/tricks and information for Android mobiles and my this Article is How To Root Android without PC or Computer. So, Friends this is the Very simple guide root android device without computer. many times you are afraid felling your rooting our mobiles are warranty. So, friends avoid this all reasons don’t be afraid today I am tell you how to root android mobiles without Computer. because I am rooting the many mobile phones in my life and all are the rooting was successful and you see here are some successful methods are available. For Example, one click root application is a easiest a lot. Also Checkout How to Install CyanogenMod Themes Apk Download for Android device.

So, I will explain you simple way how to root mobiles without PC. You can root your phone, After you can see the your phone are boost up, and you can unlock your phone and you can doing the various types of the experiments on your mobile phone & much more things. This Article is how to root android phone without PC guide we will work the wonderful well you can without the any faces problems. This is one of the best guide, root android device without computer or PC. But you can there are the different types of method you see and read root your phone, like as TWRP, or CWM methods, flash supersu zip method, but these all methods are required for the computer or PC, for root your android phone, without the any kinds of faces the problems and issues. So, lets start the full guide from the below, I hope you are like this all methods.

root android device without pc

Root Without Computer/PC

This all present days android devices is the very demand and trending. Some, may people are wanna try to download and start the experiments, which want to be root your mobile. & This is also some android users are don’t have the any PC or computers. You can search the Google with your android device name for root your mobile. But you can see the most guides are will get the computer or PC methods. I am written this article are those people are don’t have the any PC or computer.

Must Checkout How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset. I am publish this method for Rooting Android Phones Without PC App. You can always see There are lots of Apps to Root Android Without PC, You can choose your rooting your smartphone, You don’t have the any PC or computer, and you want root your phones So, don’t take tension you can fully read this article and also the got it. This all methods is work in the most of the Android phones. This is also the below mentioned in this article best and latest ways to root android phone without computer or PC.

I am added the complete guides to This article for root your Mobile or Phone. This Article I am mentioned the {8} best methods, below which work are finely. So, I have recommended you all device are own different types of methods you can must try the all methods but one by one, we will work be surely for you. I am know that you will try this all method and you will be success in Rooting your phone.

So, Friends this time is now check out from the below and lets have the look like this Article.How to Hide Root Access in Android Device I am added the complete guides to This article for root your Mobile or Phone. This Article I am mentioned the {8} best methods, below which work are finely. So, I have recommended you all device are own different types of methods you can must try the all methods but one by one, we will work be surely for you. I am know that you will try this all method and you will be success in Rooting your phone. So, Friends this time is now check out from the below and lets have the look like this Article.

Top Apps For Root Android Without Pc (Quick Look)

Have a Quick look at The Best apps for Root any Android Without Pc in Just few clicks.

  1. kingRoot
  2. FramaRoot
  3. TowelRoot
  4. kingoRoot
  5. CfRoot
  6. IRoot
  7. z4Root

What is Android Rooting?

Android Rooting is the Experimental way to unlock your phone you can doing the some experiments it is, like as Customizing it, remove systems apps, & also some make changes on your phone. Before rooting your phone this is the important to you know that Advantages of rooting phone and Disadvantages of rooting phone. So, you can read this complete and carefully this Article, How to jailbreak android to root without PC. I know that some people are root the our phone without the any collect knowledge, And they might our brick the phone  and by some UN-installing the important apps. So, be careful before you are rooting your phone & read this article very carefully and necessary method. So, friends now you can check the all apps to root android device without computer. So, Now if you are know that How to root android device without PC you can read this Article this is for you.

what is rooting android phone

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Root Android Without PC App Many different types of benefits Rooting android phones without PC or Computer methods Like as CWM recover and many more. but this is a very risky methods. After you will root your phone Without any computer or PC you can also easily unroot your phone without any issues or problems. So, best and latest method is for Rooting mobile phone is that you can don’t use the any computer or PC. You can read this Article because  mentioned the full guide How to root android phone without PC or Computer. Everyone of the people are root our phones, Without computer. This Article i am mentioned the some cool apps for rooting your mobile or phone without the PC or computer. Download Spotify Premium Apk.You can checkout this full guide from below about the root your android mobile or phone without PC methods.



How To Root Without Computer or PC Any Android Phone

This process is very easy and simple way rooting android mobile phone. I think you know just need this process. if you are newbie in the using android phone, then you are rooting your phone is not the recommended. So, this is the very easiest and simple method don’t take tension friends. Which you can root you phone phone then after your phone are unlocked and you can some various experiment with your mobile phone. I think you are read Advantages & Disadvantages of rooting the mobile phone process. So, checkout the Full guide this Article from below rooting your smartphone easily. There are some more different types of Hidden Advantages & Disadvantages For rooting android mobile phone. But today i am showing you some online Advantages & Disadvantages, Let see your know that reasons Why you Root your android phone & why should you don’t. So, checkout here how to root any android phone without computer will work for tablets. Don’t Miss Best Photo Viewer for Windows 7


Advantages Of Rooting Android Phone

Everything their comes owns Advantages and disadvantages. So, if you generally know that some advantages & disadvantages. So, here some different types of examples I will show you advantages & disadvantages of rooting your android phone. Below here I have described you some benefits of root android phones.

benefits of rooting android device

This is the main Advantage for root your Android mobile or phone – Some different changes you can change your Phone. Main Disadvantage for Root your Android phone.

  • You can increase your mobile internal memory, and also the Increase Ram, Etc. Without any problems. I forget it one the biggest problem is Rooted Android phone is that Move all apps To SD / Memory card. But after root your mobile you can move your all apps to your SD card With link 2 Sd apps helped.
  • Increase your mobile phone performance with over-lock the CPU and you can play the large size game without any issues.
  • Increase your mobile phone battery life With the Greenify apps helped or others the different apps. Underlock your phone CPU. After few time ago Under clocking CPU, and it will decrease your phone performance and it will 100% definitely increase your phone battery life.  This is one of the most benefits of Root Your android phone without PC.
  • You can also customize you android phone After the rooting some apps like as a Xposed model, Gravity box, and many more Etc. This the very simple and easy guide to customizing your Android phone with gravity box app. This is will give UI in your mobile you can fell your phone looks like a new.
  • This is also the most biggest Advantages of your Android phone is that used flash custom ROM like as AOSP ROM & Cyanogen Etc. This method will increase your Android phone Version and this is the 100% definitely increase performance & and get the new features coming to your Android mobile phone. So, friends this Rooting Android Without PC or Computer This method is different benefits and useful your mobile or phone.
  • Some Pre-Installed Apps, After rooting your Android mobile phone cause the slower down your mobile phone. But without rooting is not possible to uninstall to pre-installed apps. After rooting your android phone you can uninstall the app with Lucky patcher app, Here is the also full guide in our blog for removing android system app with the help of Lucky Patcher App.

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Disadvantages Of Rooting Android Phone

If you are rooting your Android mobile phone, Then there are some different types of disadvantage methods. And it causes the some issues on your Android mobile phone. Everything is a Advantages & Disadvantages. Here This Article you look at the Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone.

disadvantages of rooting android device

  • Your is bricked and not the Turn on. So, you can very careful For your Rooting Android phone because it has been damaged in the very serious condition.
  • Rooting is the illegal work and methods, It will void and smash your phone warranty, So be careful Rooting Android phone time. So, now complete checkout how to root android phone Without PC process from below.
  • As I am said that, your phone is bricked, all data are erased loose like contacts, SMS etc. And this not is recovered so you can be very careful. So, you can create all data in your phone be External SD card only, not be internal storage.
  • This is one of the biggest disadvantages of Rooting the android phone, You will not update your phone latest update via OTA. The company is not the provide the latest Software update version for Rooted android phone users. If you are rooting your phone, then you can update your phone every time to time manually from the recover mode via the zipping file.
  • If you are root your Android mobile, Then some apps will not the run in your Android root phone. unfortunately rooted is rooting is a process, but some changes system values in your Rooted Android phone. Some apps are thinking your device are a fraud & they have not able and not run yours in your Rooted Android phone. For Example – Google Wallet App.

Points to Be Remember Before Rooting

These are the some most important points to consider before rooting your android phone. I hope you follow very carefully these all points one by one.

  • The Bootloader of your device must be unlocked.
  • Your android phone must be charged at least 60% to 70%
  • You should make a complete backup of your all data
  • Go to settings>developers options>USB debugging>enable it
  • And this article i publish for only educational purpose. If anything bad happened to you and your android device then its completely your responsibilities.

Prerequisite Before Root Android Phone

Root your android phone & get the instant access root, You have to prepare your first. I will give some steps to share, you can follow here all these steps & and prepare your Android phone for rooting. but if you are don’t follow below steps you don’t know, Then you face some problems. So, you can follow here all steps and see and read this Article very carefully. Here are the fulfill guide ROOT WITHOUT PC .

  • you can charge you mobile at least 60% level. But some times to take the more time take to process. So, it must be you can charge your mobile to a good level.
  • Your mobile phone Unknown Source have been enabled compulsory, This steps to go to your Setting, Navigate to “Security” option and go to  “Unknown Source” And select this Tick Option.

root android without pc

  • You can create the backup all your important data like as SMS, Contact, Apps Etc. with you can find any backup apps on the easily Play store. If you are don’t know How to collect your backup data, then you can checkout the easy steps for backup your data.
  • Also be you can ready with your Stock Firmware {ROM} of your phone. But something is the wrong of your mobile phone might be brick. So, ready with all backup with your own and good choice. If you don’t have the stock ROM, then it finds the Google. But don’t take tension friends you easily find the Google.  if you free feel comment with your mobile model name.

How To Backup Your Data Before Rooting Your Phone

How To Backup Your Apps Via App Backup & Restore App Before Root Without PC

  • First, you can open the App backup & restore app, and you will see all list of your installing on your phone.
  • Now, you can Select all buttons and down you will see that’s is select up in all apps.
How To Backup Your Apps Via App Backup & Restore App Before Root Without PC

Root Android Without PC

  • Now, just select the tap button easily, & your all apps starting the backing up {without Data}.
  • A few minutes ago you will see the finish up process, you will see that your All Apk file is storage in your memory card storage, But depend on your phone & User selection.
  • Now you have successfully completed your Backup all apps. Now, it’s time to follow the below steps for Root Android Phone Without PC Or Computer.

How To Backup Your SMS & Contacts In your Android Phone, Before Rooting

So, friends if you are root your mobile phone, Then there are some changes in your Android Phone, Bus some time that your Phone can be brick. So, if you are taking your backup from SMS & Contacts This the very Good Option. Also the backup your important SMS some via Android apps. Here are checkout some easy steps, For backup your SMS & Contact in your Android Phone Easily with the help of a a super backup app. We are also shared Trick on How To Use 2 Facebook Apps In One Android Device

1. First of you will Your Android phone Super backup app from Play Store.

2. download And install your Android phone, Now it will be open the the main screen of the app, Click the SMS & contacts option and backup your important data easily.


How To Root Android Phones Without PC

Root Without PC

7 Methods to Root Android Device Without Computer

#1 Kingroot – Root Without PC

This apps is same as the Vroot just some changes and updated in this application. But This application is the just getting most of the mobile are root which are running on Mediatek {MTK}. This app is just easy and awesome which will safely root your android phone without PC. This app is also work the properly and perfectly with MTK phones. Which are running the Android 4.4, Also this app is tested in the many Android Phone which are running the MTK chipset, This app is absolutely and properly worked fine for me. This kingroot app is generally root and work with almost all phones, and which are running in the kitkat Android version smartphone. So friends this is a very Good app for root your Android smartphone,  if are using the MTK chipset.root Android smartphone,  if are using the MTK chipset and you can use this app root android without computer PC connections.

How To Root Android Phone With Kingroot App

  • First of all open kingroot app from your phone
  • Now, you will see the main page and see option for root your phone, select on that
  • Now, you can Wait for few seconds, it will install your phone root management app, and you are ready to take benefits with your rooted phone.
Android-rooting-method-KINGROOT- app

                      kingroot app without pc root android

   Download KingRoot

#2 Framaroot – Root Without Computer

This app is my favorite apps for root android without PC, you can install this app and you can see the 3 menu buttons and we can press any 3 menus you can easily select any one menu button and done.And your mobile in just rooted for few seconds. If your phone can’t be rooted it will you can tell your friends. This app is the one of the most top and best app Root Android Without PC APK.I know that this is the safest app and this app I also my favorite and trying this app and installing. If you are going to this app here method.

How To Root Android Device With Framaroot

  • Firstly, you can open the framaroot app in your phone
  • Now, the second one clicks the exploit from the list, but which your phone are supported. if you have any don’t idea you can select the all one by one
  • Select on Root button & get Your phone is Rooted in few seconds. !! It will show you the success message.
framaroot-success-root- without pc

Framaroot Success root without Computer

   Download Framaroot

#3 Towel Root – Root Without PC

Towel app is the also best and top ranking take this app this is the another app, This is also helps your to Root your android phone without PC or Computer, And this also made the Kitkat Android 4.4.2 smartphone. This Towel Root app is invented by Geohot. This app is also the work one click root. This Towel app is also the work in Samsung smartphone. This towel app best thing is this is a completely free app to use. you don’t need to pay any single penny use this app. So, download and install this app and Now, start the rooting of your phone without any Computer or Laptop.

This app is also the good working, but the another app is also working is a very good in many Android phones. So, friends you can own basis try this app and see the result. This towel Root app is very popular in these days For Root Android Mobile Or Phones without the PC. If you are like this app you can feel free to give your Feedback and drop down your comment section, which given ends of this Article 🙂 .

How To Root Android Mobile With Towelroot

  • At First, install Towelroot app in your phone and open the Towelroot app from your phone
  • Now, you can see the option of Make it Ra1n, Select on that
  • Now, if you can wait the few Seconds, & It will root your phone easily.
How To Root Android phone With Towelroot

                Towelroot App root without PC

   Download Towel Root

#4 KingoRoot – Root Without PC

This is the also Good application, Which is the help of Root your android phone without PC, I have see many people are used the android phone but they have not any computer or PC they root the own phone from the PC. So, you can don’t take the tension here I am sharing you some lists of the app Root the android phone without PC. These day this app is working the many smartphones.

This is the most important benefits this app is the one click rooting application this is a very good app to Root your android phone without PC. This KingoRoot app is also known as the APK Root for Android. But You need the internet connection to your phone because this KingoRoot app is downloaded the latest and best scripts from the server before rooting your Android phone Without PC. So, while Rooting your phone, you can use your WiFi and your Mobile data. But my suggestion you can usage the WiFi is the highly recommended. Most things this app is a very small size, I think 1.1 MB, so, you can try and download below.

How To Root Android With Kingoapp

1. First of all, Open the kingoapp From your mobile.

2. You can see the option for rooting your phone, Select there & wait the few seconds, Now your phone is Rooted successfully.

How To Root Android phone With Kingoapp

   Download Kingoroot

 #5 CF Auto Root – Root Without Pc

Apps are different for different mobile and I am many times see them which are the failed With rooting your android phone. Samsung mobile is the best and easy and just pretty and while rooting only the Computer Or Laptop and make the 4th position to make and stand the Chainfire. This CF Auto Root App is made especially the Samsung mobile phones. you can also find the link download this app from the below & Your mobile phone is listed there. Then you can Root Your android phone without PC easily with this app without any risk or issues.

CF Auto Root - Root Android phone Without Pc

                                                       CF auto root android without PC

   Download CFRoot

#6 IROOT App – Root Without PC

I root is the another rooting android phone without PC app, Which we can use the root android phone without PC. This is the most great and best app which you can root android 11 without PC. And if you have don’t use the computer. This Iroot app is also supported the multiple android phones models, like as Sony, Gionee, Tecno, Samsung, Infinix, Lava, Itel, mercury and Etc. You can very easily Root your android phone with this Iroot app helps. This is the very great app for Rooting android phone without PC or computer. This Iroot app is also the popular in these days, which you can used for rooting your android phone without PC / computer.  This Iroot app is specially based and made on Root any android phone without PC. will root your android phone, only just one click the app and your android phone is root.And you can Unroot your phone just only one click and your phone is unroot. So, Friends you can download This I root app and root your phone.

IROOT App - Root android phone Without PC

                                                      Iroot Apk No Root PC

   Download IRoot

#7 Z4Root – Root Without PC

This is the another Rooting Android App without PC which is the used for rooting your phone. The mobile are running on the spectrum chipset. This app is best about thing is that is having a Good UI and it can root the almost all phones. This is the easy way to root and because it doesn’t root the most of the mobiles. If you have using the any china mobile, which you have running the spectrum chip set, Then this is the best work for you. Z4Root app is the one of the most best and old app, many people are used this app from root their phones. I think generally this Z4Root app is not working, but in the also some  cases this app is work properly. This app is come the 2 root method. First is Temporary Root Method & Second is permanently Root Method. But if your mobile are temporary, The you can restart your phone and your all rooting all process is gone. if you root the phone is permanently, then you mobile or phone is rooted the always, until your flash stock ROM.

How To Root Android Phone With Z4Root App

  • Firstly you can download and install the Z4Root app in your phone and open the app from your phone.
  • Now, you will see the 2 options, on your app Temporary Root & Permanent Root.
  • You can Click the permanent option and wait the 1-2 minutes, and it will show you your phone is rooted successfully. Restart your phone & and you are done.
How To Root Android Phone With Z4Root App

       Z4 Root android phone without laptop

   Download Z4Root

Alternate Method For Root Your Android Mobile Phone / Root Without PC

So, Friends If you are tried the all above apps i know that, And but it the doesn’t work for you. So, i i am suggest you if you are don’t loose your hopes. I know that there are many different methods and ways To root the android phone without PC or Computer. Now, you can follow the my all easy and simple steps for root your phone without PC follow these all steps carefully, because this is the helpful for those people are many apps are doesn’t worked. So, Guys lets checked out Root Android phone without PC.

  • First of all Go To Your phone’s Setting, And Go to About Phone
  • Now, Yo will see your phone model number there in the list.
  • Now, Third one is open the Google & Types – How To Root Your Device Name here Without PC.

You can Replace The red text With your phone name.

  • You can Find the many guides In the Google According to your mobile phone.
  • Follow the be careful & I hope that will work for you properly. and if you are got the success of your work. Also the follow Steps to root your android phone properly With The Busybox App.

Still? you can any confusion you can drop down your comment here also below your Device name & I’ll find and send you working link for you Rot android phone without Laptop Or PC.

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How To Root Android Phone Properly With Busybox

After you can rooted your android phone via any apps, which is here listed above. I know that but it will not Root your android phone properly. Because without busybox your mobile phone is not the root completely and functionally fully root. you can install the busybox app on your android mobile phone for make sure your phone is rooted properly. some apps is not run without the busybox app. And some apps are also the work properly. Also Read Top 10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers Companies. Like that cheat droid app requires the busybox app for work. So, friends this is the also must try root your android phone with the busybox.

  • First of all download and install the busybox app From Here – Play Store
  • Now, After download and install open the busybox app on your phone. It will asked for you root permissions.
  • Now, You can click the grant root Permissions to the busybox app. and completely scan your phone, that make sure busybox app is already installed or not.
  • Now, you can just select the “Install” button & it was the starting the installing on your mobile phone busybox app.
busybox proper no root pc

busybox proper no root pc

  • After the complete the all process, then your phone is root once. and for make the changes is the success.

Have Busybox app root work is done you can set up your phone. You have rooted your phone + install the busybox app in your mobile phone. This is the best method to root android mobile phone without the PC & I have 100% sure this method is working without any issues. 

How to Verify Root Access in Android After Root Without PC

So, now After all work done you can follow the above step by step, I think you are thinking about your mobile phone is Rooted or not. So, don’t take tension guys. Then what can you do?? In this case, you can try to check your phone is rooted or not You can install the root checker app. So, Guys you can follow the simple steps to step Get you phone is rooted or not properly with this root android device without PC.

Your phone is rooted or not, you can follow this all easy steps and you can know that your phone is rooted or not. But this is the very important things you can follow all steps and methods are very carefully and correctly, Then a few minutes ago you see and read the message show success message. So, Guys follow the all simple method, checkout your phone is rooted or not properly. So, you can checkout your phone is root android without PC successful or not.

  • First of all download and install root checker app on your phone From Play Store – Root Checker App
  • After downloaded and install app, Now, you can open the app & it will asked you Grant Super User permissions or not asked root permissions, so, you can don’t take tension you can select the skip button and follow the next steps.
  • After you can see the window there on your phone rooted or not Screenshot. Then you will see your phone is Rooted is successfully Then you are receiving the message like as Congratulations !!! Your mobile phone is Rooted Successfully and properly So, all are done you can use this method and check your phones is rooted or not.



How To Unroot Any Android Phone Without PC

So, Guys i will you teach you how to root android phone and device. But this is the very important information after root your android phone. So, Friends This article is based on the how to root your android phone without PC but you all are know that How To unroot android your phone so don’t worry i will teach you. This process is very simple you can unroot your phone very easily way Fro this Supersu app helped have inbuilt feature, which you can use for unroot your phone.

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  • first of all Download and install then open the Super Su app on your phone Download Super Su app From Here – play store.
  • Now, after download and install Open Super Su app on your phone & Go To your phone Setting, Then you will see the more than lots of option you can scroll down a bit.
  • Then, you will see the option Click here Full Unroot, After click, this will ask you sure, that you want to unroot your phone. just Select on Continue button.

how to unroot android phone

  • Then your phone will restart & It will removed your root access from your phone & it will also removed from your phone Super Su app automatically.

So Guys, this is the best and simple method, which you can unroot your mobile phone without any problems or issues. You can see This is the simple method to root and unroot your android phone without any laptop or Computer. But you are don’t forget it all phones are different process, which you can root android phone. But I think this process is work for in many android mobile. without the any problems. So, Guys you can try this easy Guide Root android phone Without PC . So, you can once time to try this methods. Because you can root your android phone Without PC and without any issues. Then this guide is safer guide. This way is help your Root any android phone without PC guide. Also Checkout Root android phone Without Pc. So, you can once time to try this methods. Because you can root your android phone Without pc and without any issues. Then this guide is safer guide. This way is help your Root any android phone without Pc guide. Also Checkout Paytm Otp Bypass Trick.


Rooting Your mobile phone will void warranty.

So, Friends Here are you see them Top 7 Apps For rooting your Android Mobile/Phone Without PC Or Laptop. This tutorials is main for those people are don’t have the any Computer or Laptop. but there are root their mobile. So, you can share this method for your friends who don’t have laptop Or PC. Even you are also try this apps method for rooting your mobile phones without. Also checkout method for How To Change Android Id. I think you are like this tutorials How to root android device without computer method. I also know that your problems because some mobile phones are can be easily rooted & but many phones are harder to root so in this situation you can try to all method one by one. How to root android device without computer method. I also know that your problems because some mobile phones are can be easily rooted & but many phones are harder to root so in this situation you can try to all method one by one.

I hope you will like this Tutorial and you will get {100% success} Root Android Phone Without PC  is safest method to root your phone But you can Follow this here article. I know that you will like this article 100% and I am waiting for your feedback via comments. If you have any queries or suggestions you can drop down your comments here while this guiding. You can regularly check This Tech Trick Seo site for more updates.

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Also you can drop down you comment here, if have the any others apps are working properly you will add the app URL and drop your comment here. We are helping the many others our community. This all app are here you can see that this all are working best apps for these days For root your android without PC. Also, checkout

root android without pc

I Think you are thinking the to root your phone, & a Little bit confusion to your phones is rooted or not rooted. Then you may also checkout the reasons and issues. Then why you should root your phone. I Know also know that if you are thinking, This is very necessary to root the android mobile phones, Then you can follow the her all steps, else don’t ever try to follow these steps, it’s just for the enjoying and fun. Because I think this is badly brick your android phone. So, You can follow the all steps by steps very carefully according to your needs. So, Friends i Think you are like this Tutorials and Guide, So, Now you can enjoy this root android without pc with the many all guides like as How to root, backup, unroot Etc.

I am not the responsible for the any damages of your phones you are responsible.

Just Drop down your comment here that which methods are worked for your android phone, If you feel any problems & Issues then you can freely drop down your comment here I’ll help you as soon as possible. I Hope you are like this Tutorials How to Root android without PC or computer. Keep visits again. 🙂 TECHTRICKSEO







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