How To Create Unlimited Fake Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number 2023

Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts


Create Fake Facebook Account Fast: Hello, Friends I am back again with new tricks today I will share with you in this post for How to Create Unlimited Multiple Facebook Accounts without new numbers, as you know that Facebook security is the very high and tight, If you are how to create multiple Facebook accounts without phone verification, I know that then if you start the asking mobile numbers for verification codes, I also know that if you are have not more mobile numbers or Sim Cards, and you wants to create unlimited multiple Facebook account for use in the many uses like as Gaana app, Free Recharge tricks and many more.

We was also shared GBWhatsapp Apk Then if you check this trick and read the carefully this article how I can Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts without any new mobile numbers or Gmail accounts. For use this tricks. So, just you need to the Rooted Android Mobile Phone and with installed donkey guard app in your phone. If you want links to these apps then you can search on Google and easily you will get these apps.

  1. How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number Verification.

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Create Unlimited Facebook account

                                                                 How to Make a Fake Facebook Account look Real

As you all already know that Facebook security is very high & tight, it’s ask for the mobile number verification while creating Facebook accounts because it’s detects your device identify from your Device Id. Imei Etc. So, in this Article, you’ll get information about how can i create multiple facebook business manager accounts and create multiple facebook accounts without phone verification with using any new Numbers or Gmail accounts with the help of the fake fb account generator, You can also use any Temporary mail sites like a site is also a given below. Previously I was shared about Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days So You can follow below easy steps very carefully for Create Multiple Unlimited Facebook accounts without mobile number verification This trick is so popular for How to Make Unlimited Facebook Id without phone number. Attitude Girl DP for Whatsapp.

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create unlimited multiple facebook accounts

                                                                Create Fake Facebook Account Fast

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Purposes for Create Multiple Unlimited Facebook Accounts

There could be several reasons, that why you need multiple Facebook Accounts. For Example, I have mentioned Some of the main reasons below for How to Create Fake Facebook Account Without Phone Number.

  • Available any Offer Like Gaana
  • For Using Free recharge
  • Create Facebook Account
  • For Advertise your Blog in Different group
  • and Much more reasons, if you are reading this post then I think you have.

Advantages making multiple Facebook Accounts:

There are many reasons why people create unlimited Fake Facebook accounts-

  • By having more accounts you can easily promote your stuff.
  • To get some promotional offers like Freecharge Refer and Earn etc., having multiple accounts is profitable.
  • Pathetic Psycho lovers send messages and comments to their crushes without having to reveal their identities. This is clearly not cool.

Steps for Create Multiple | Unlimited Facebook Accounts without New Mobile Numbers

So, Guys You can Simply Follow These below  very simple & easy steps by steps right now for full Method of creating multiple Facebook Accounts from one device easily without any blocking or Ban issues.

Trick to Create Fake Facebook Account Fast

  • At First Of all Install Opera Mini Browser On your Android device. If you don’t have it. Install from play store.
create unlimited fb accounts without number

create unlimited fb accounts without number

  • After Opening opera mini web browser Simply open this link Click Here
  • when You Will open Facebook Then Click On Create New Account As You see on Images.
how to make unlimited facebook accounts

how to make unlimited facebook accounts

  • Enter any Random name with your choice, date of birth, Choose the gender is Female its a must.
  • After This process Now, you can open This Temporary Email site – and Unlimited Gmail id Trick
  • Choose any name as your choice, and you will get the new Email instantly, Enter the Email and sign up on a page.
  • Enter your any password and click the Signup.
create multiple facebook accounts fast

create multiple facebook accounts fast

  • Now, you can check your Temporary mailbox.
  • Enter the verification code on the Facebook page and you will get your ready for First account.

For Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Fast:-

You can use an above different method, you able to create only one Facebook Account on your device, for create unlimited Facebook account from your single android device, just follow below easy steps for creating unlimited FB Accounts id.

If you face Mobile Verification Error then follow below steps:-

1. First try changing browser.
2. Change Domain Name On Fake Mail Site And Try With New ID
3. Change Your IP Address.
4. Connect With VPN And Try Again.
5. Clear data of browser.

Another Method:-

  • Now,  Simply you can clear all data and a cache of your Opera Mini Browser SettingsAppsOpera Mini.
  • Open donkey guard app on your phone and change the values of Opera Mini like Change IMEI Android Without Root, Device Id. You can also use apps like Xprivacy, device emulator app I have posted earlier post.
  • Now You Can Simply Change your Android I’d With This Guide – Android Id Changer Guide
  • After Successfully Change Android Id, Reconnect your Internet Connection (This Will Change Your Device IP Address)
  • And You can Repeat This method again and again & Enter Enter New Temporary Mail.
  • You can follow these Guide and you are able to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts.

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Final Words

So, Guys This is the very Simple Guide for create fake facebook account fast If you have any problem while using this Trick you can feel free drop down your comment below. I will help you and reply your comment as soon as possible. Create Multiple Facebook accounts can be used at a recharges apps for getting unlimited recharges in apps like as Gaana app, Wechat, etc. And You can  use Temporary email sites create an anonymous email account. One thing i will forgot to tell you lots of peoples are always ask me can you have multiple facebook business accounts so my answer no. I hope you like and enjoy this Trick How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Phone Verification. So Thanks For Coming to Keep Visiting again. and also share with your Friends.  🙂







  1. John Hustler says

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  2. hi, am Doris, i had my friend help me hack my ex’s email, facebook, whatsapp,and his phone cause i suspected he was cheating. all he asked for was a his phone number. he’s email is ([email protected])..IF u need help tell him Doris, referred you to him and he’ll help. Am sure his going to help you do it, good luck

  3. Hi Rahul, I have been following your instruction but with 25% success rate. I’m using Android 5.1, Opera Mini, Xprivacy, Android ID Changer etc. But seems like Facebook can still detect me faking the information and re-blocked all my created again. Should I use vpn? As I have been using my company wifi and only use Airplane mode while I’m dealing with the phone fake settings. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.


    • Listen, Ernest you simply created fb account but you select female gender and after created account the you can simply change your gender female to male and don’t use any VPN or android changer app so you can follow this guide and your account will created successfully Thank you.

      • Hi Rahul, after creating my first account using your instruction, the next one still showing “Your account has been disabled”. (straight after asking for phone numbers, didn’t even get to the user page to type in the activation code, although I did receive the code email).

        My current work sequence is:

        My android device only has wifi connection, since the cellular network has expired

        1. used at opera mini, chosed female
        2. after creating the first account. I liked some pages and clicked logout in facebook
        3. turn on airplane mode, then deleted all my opera browsing data
        4. used Xprivacy, and clicked randomize data specifically for opera mini
        5. used Android ID Changed and generated New ID
        6. turned off the airplane mode, using wifi
        7. Reopen opera and used at opera mini, chosed female

        Many thanks!!!


      • Sir code generate nhi ho raha hai

        • try it again you will receive surely

          • I tried the method from temp mail org but that time i didnt read your article and successfully created 50 accounts but after that i was facing the issue of phone number verification but now on words if i make a new account after email verification its directly asked me for phone number verification can you help me that…if there is any other method which can help me please let me know because for me facebook likes matters so i didnt care about the privacy….i already tried otp bypass techniques from many temp phone numbers website but never had any otp code from facebook on that number ….please help me out

          • Its very simple first clear cache your browser and again try you successfully create account

  4. Roshan Singh says

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  5. Roshan Singh says

    Nice post Rahul this is an awesome trick for facebook

  6. Jonathan says

    You might like to add to the list of email providers in this post.

  7. The accounts created were created but when i am using them on desktop then facebook asks me for my mobile number verification. Help please.

  8. williamsmith147 says

    Hi Rahul, Your all article I am read and follow your blog regular Your all article are awesome and your content is so nice I am very your are very successfull blogger in India

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  10. Hello Rahul, thanks for the write up.. But I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and I cant seem to have it rooted and I dot wanna crack up the firewall. And I cant sign up facebook anymore, I dont know what to do anymore.. Please how would you help me with a positive and comprehensive response

  11. how do i get this working facebook on my iPhone please help me sir

  12. i need multiple fake acoount.. with mobile mobile verified.. account with emails are not verified.. kindly help me

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