How To Create a Bootable Linux Mint USB/Pendrive Drive Using Windows


Hi Guys, Today i will share you how to create a Bootable Linux Mint USB drive with persistence. You can easily create the create Linux Bootable USB/Pendrive. This is a completely free software are available in Internet and then you can create Linux bootable USB software this software is easily make your Linux bootable pendrive. Go through the post to know about it There are the many peoples are asked the many different types of questions Like How to create Linux bootable USB on mac,  create Linux bootable USB from ISO in windows So, This types of questions is asked the many people. But you lets see and this Guide very carefully. Also Checkout How To Create Windows Bootable for USB Without Any Tool


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1. Download Linux

To get Linux Mint 17 visit [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#2bc470″ size=”8″ radius=”0″ rel=”nofollow” class=”‘mb-button mb-style-raised mb-size-small mb-corners-default mb-text-style-default external’ “]Download Linux[/su_button]

There are the many different number of download options available but you can only choose the one option to download will be based on your specifications and your host machine.

I know that this times many peoples are used the new and latest modern computer then you can select on the link for Cinnamon. But If your computer are 64-bit Operating System then you can select on the 64-bit is link otherwise your computer Operating System is 32-bit then simply you can click on 32-bit link. If after following this guide you have decide that Cinnamon isn’t your thing then try again but go for the KDE version Also Checkout

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If you have used the older computer then you can Select on the MATE link. Again if you have select the 64-bit computer Operating System then Select on the 64-bit link otherwise you have not used the 64-bit then yon simply Select on the 32-bit link. If after following this guide you have decide that MATE isn’t your thing then try out the XFCE version.
You are also Ignore the links with no. codecs and the OEM versions.
Whenever you can go to the download page and Select on the link of the server that is closest to you.

2. Create a Bootable USB drive

Insert a blank USB Pendrive on your computer.

To create a Bootable USB drive the tool You can Download from here Universal USB Installer Software

Linux-Live-Usb-creator installer
You can Follow above the here link for Pendrive Linux and you can scroll down the half way to down the page and until you will see the “Download UUI” link. Select on the download link and wait for the program to download its depend on your Internet speed.
So, After download has been completed then you can double click on the executable.
pendrive linux Live-Usb-creator installer
When they will asked you license agreement screen appears you can read it and then click on  “I Agree” if you accept the license.
Creating the drive is fairly straight forward.
The first and most Important thing you can to do choose your distribution of choice, in this case and methods Linux, from the drop down the list.
Select on the “Browse” button. & You will Find the downloaded Linux Mint ISO.
Select on your chosen USB drive and make sure that the “We will format” option is checked.
At this point you can create the USB drive Which we you have select the drives so that it persists data. This is almost possible to install the software when you can using the live Linux version and it will be possible to available the next time you can create the boot from your USB drive.
Select on “Create” to continue.
A summary This Screenshot is tell you what is about to happen.
This is remember always Basically your USB drive is about to be completely Free and Linux take the more place is about to be installed as a live image to it.
If you are feeling happy to then you can continue Select “Yes”.
Now You will see the progress bar is showing how far through the process are the installer is and how long it is expected to last.
Restart your computer and Linux should now boot from the live USB. If you are looking for the some Different and alternative methods to create Linux live USB and uNetBootin one of the most popular software to create the Linux live USB this is the extra software that implements the same features. However, Linux Live USB is the very Smooth and comfortable to program and Make Linux bootable USB drive. So, Guys Here are you will see this Guide How to Make Linux Bootable Pendrive, in this Methods you will could easily create bootable Linux or make bootable Linux,  If you face any problem or issues the you can feel free to discuss in comments below ! I hope you are like this guide Thanks for visiting and Stay tuned here for more cool  Linux Related and other Article ?

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