1. This all are 4 methods is working best without any issues Thanks again admin

  2. Emmanuel oreoluwa says

    All is not working ..It said it not a valid us number for text plus …While vovox has been blocked

  3. Sadly, Primo seems not to work for me. I am switching from my current whatsapp number( with another country code that is not US) to my Primo US number. It ends us putting me on a one hour wait for a text or a call to my Primo number. And after the hour it demands another hour countdown or sometimes 2 hours.
    Admin I need your assistance. What do I have to do to get it right? Or is the primo app no longer functional for US whatsapp?

    • Primo is working fine now and i don’t need assistance

      • I didn’t say you need assistance. I am the one in need of assistance. Could you help me get a US whatsapp number with the Primo app? Maybe we could chat on whatsapp or any social media of your choice so you can help me with the process.

        • Fred bro simply you can use this method for USA number my website visitors are already say that me this trick is working fine and I also try it and fine so my suggestion is you again try it you will surely create whatsapp account with usa number I hope you understood…

          • I appreciate your responses. But I have tried it several times but it does the second thing. Which is teller to wait one hour repeatedly. If you could suggest what to do for me get it right, I would appreciate. I really would like to have it working for me. I use an iPhone. Does the app works only in some countries or phones ? I really need answers because it’s frustrating knowing it works but I can’t get it done for myself.

  4. This is very awesome. thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing this working tutorial

  6. Is there a way to track the original number of these fake numbers? Please let us know.

  7. not working at all. WhatsApp says invalid number

  8. Primo doesn’t give me a free U.S number even after I verify my email. Need to purchase a U.S number from them.

    TextPlus was marked by Whatsapp as a virtual number and no valid for registering an account.

  9. Primo is not giving free us number again u have to pay B4 u can get us number. Textplus numbers are rejected by WhatsApp saying invalid us number

  10. Please I need anothermethodbecause the above apps mentioned are not free again. They are demanding money

  11. I should probably try the text+ urself, it’s not working at all. U should find solution to it, it ain’t working.

  12. It’s still not working, do ur reasearch.

  13. TextPlus isn’t working man. Whatsapp doesn’t recognize the number as a valid one.

  14. primo and text plus not working

  15. Abhishek NVS says

    Dear Rahul,

    One of my close friend is receiving unwanted messages in regard to his wife from fake WhatsApp id account +1 (502) 205-4234

    WE already approach to police station for help but they are not willing to help us.

    Can you please help us

  16. Adetunji matthew says

    primo was the best, I used it for over 3years. and now that they have disconnected there service, am looking for a better app like primo that sells the US number for a cheaper price. I’ll be gland if you have a good suggestion.

    note: I don’t want textplus. and I don’t want app that offers a mouth plan for the number


    Nice article. Thank You.

  18. Great tutorial BTW keep it up

  19. great tutorial man.

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