How To See Who is Looking at Your Facebook Profile Without Any App

See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile 2016

How To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile: Hey Guys, I know that you always find many tricks on the internet How to see who viewed your facebook profile recently but so many tricks are not working and some of them Require your facebook profile info. So Guys, In This post I will share about which you wanna How to see who viewed your facebook profile the most without the help of any apps. So Prank with your all friends that you know that this tricks whos looking at my facebook profile and enjoy this trick for Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Without Any App. Previosly We have Shared about How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days After Limit Crossing I know you have done it many times. Unfortunately, there are no formal methods to get information how to know that who viewed my facebook profile.

But You don’t take tension! Here are your solution for who visited my profile picture. Please, friends, you don’t have to rack your brain for doing that. Must Read Send a Blocked URL on Facebook I am going to talk about the entire process of who visited my facebook profile.

Are you to solve “Who see my Facebook profile” chaos? Here you go.

How to see who is looking at your Facebook Profile?

how can you see who view your facebook profile

You are Searching for ways to get who checked my facebook profile into for a Facebook doesn’t provide you method to do same. I very well  know that of the fact some pranks in the field as well. But you are going to read this genuine answers for the question, ‘who views my Facebook profile‘?

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Can You See who Views Your Facebook Profile?

Yes, you are right! Though there are no any official methods are available, So you can do it making use of a ‘who viewed my facebook profile recently Chrome extension’.

And, during my research and hard work, I have finally found a real simple method, which doesn’t include any app download. But Friends I am not sure about its validity, though.

You carrying around the open problem or issues for ‘who has been viewing my Facebook profile’? Then, you are going to be enticed with my solution in the next section.

Find Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

I am going to tell you two best methods for How to see who viewed your facebook profile page source. So, let me lead you to the core of this post without blabbering much.

Method 1: Using Facebook Profile View Notification Chrome Extension

Peoples are always forward to finding out the who saw my facebook profile must you can use Google Chrome browser extension. So Guys, Follow the easy steps mentioned here below to know how to extension can be used to find out details on FB profile visit.

Step 1: First, of all you need to download the browser extension. As This one is Google Chrome, you can download it from Google Chrome Web store. So Simply just visit and find it for Facebook Profile View Notification And, you are good to go.

If you are a lazy lad like me, You can use this direct URL for the extension in order to kick start Who is viewing my Facebook profile

who viewed my facebook profile

Step 2: You will see a web page like this here ScreenShot. You can install any other Extension, Simply click on Add to Chrome button then wait few seconds. Be patient give it a time to complete the download and installation process.

Step 3: After Download and Install then you can see extension installation notification after same is complete to your Google Chrome browser. Congratulation! With this, you have passed the half method to figuring out who has been going to your Facebook profile.

Step 4:Now After adding Extension to your browser, Now simply visit on Can you spot anything new there? Just See the blue navigation button with your timeline link, messages, home, friend requests, and notifications.

how to check who viewed my facebook profile

You all know that Facebook is always update day by day So There, you can definitely see a new link called Visitors.

Step 5:Whenever you will find out how to check who viewed my facebook profile So you can visit on facebook site click on the new link named Visitors button. Then you will see how many peoples who viewed your facebook profile.

I Know this Extension is very useful. Truth be told, You can follow these all easy steps and let’s see who are visiting your Facebook profile so simply using this browser extension at show the names of peoples who check your facebook profile virus was spreading all over the web.

Method 2: Using the Browser Only {Unverified}

You only need a browser in order to check who peoples looks at your Facebook profile using this way. The steps are given below.

Step 1: So First of all Visit you will see your notifications But you have to be at your timeline here. So You can simply click on the first name of your given on the blue navigation key on the top corner of the web page.

Step 2: Right-Click anywhere on the webpage to get the menu. And, Now click on the view-pagesource small menu. You can also press your keyboard CTRL + U instead. Now you come to both action result.

Step 3: Now, you can see a long page with so many with incomprehensible codes. Now you can easily press CTRL+F now you will see search box. Then, Simply search it “InitialChatFriendsList” without quotes This is very simple method for how to see who viewed your facebook profile app.

how to see who viewed your facebook profile

Step 4: As you can see in this picture, bunch of numbers after this text. Those are facebook profile IDs of peoples who Recently visited your Facebook profile. To see who those IDs are check who viewed your facebook profile, you need to add the same ‘’ and enter into your address bar of your browser.

So, Guys, I do not confirm legibility about this method. But First method is 100% working because I got this one during my research. But the first method is only for limited for it displays people with Facebook Profile Notification extension only.

Save Yourself

Plenty of facebook profile viewer app are available to who viewed Facebook profile you will see. This who viewed my Facebook profile apps developed for only the sole purpose of personal details theft. So make sure the app is from a reliable source before installation.

Wrapping Up

So Guys, This was the easy method how to see who viewed your facebook profile for free. Also Checkout How To Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days I Think you have got answer to your question that “Who is looking at my Facebook profile”, don’t you? I am always say that this method is too difficult to find out our FB profile visitors due to the absence of an official method. But second method is also a great method how to see who viewed your facebook profile last.

If you have any problem or issues in tracing out who checked your Facebook profile, Then Simply you drop down your comment here. I will try to help your out as soon as possible. I Hope You like and enjoy this post this tricks is 100% latest and updated trick for how to see who viewed your facebook profile 2016.

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