How To Use Spotify Outside UK & US Countries (PC and Android) [2 Methods]

How to Get Spotify Premium Hey Guys, Today morning I uploaded all of my music collection in Google Music (around 28 GBs) So that I could steam my favorite songs to any of my device right from Google’s servers. Dolby Atmos Apk Download When I was boasted about it on On of the best Social Site and the name is  Facebook, and one of my friends from UK comment below and saying that if only Spotify was available to Indian users I wouldn’t have to do that So you can follow this article and use spotify in india.

How to use Spotify (PC and Android) in blocked countries


Through it was just a comment, I took it as a challenge. Even through I have heard a lots of this Spotify and some peoples was always ask me this question How to Use Spotify in Other Countries So don’t worry friends in this article I will covered your all Solution to Spotify Unblocked in different country with the help of Spotify VPN software. That’s What Developers provide with their free Modified Apk for Whatsapp. Also Try Whatsapp Plus Apk.

Spotify Not Available in Your Country iPhone

 Spotify Not Available in Your Country Android

Until today I didn’t have the urge to use it. it took me a couple of hours to start using Spotify as it was not available in my country. But now that I have documented it, my readers should be able to use it a matter of minutes. Also Checkout Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts.

How to Use Spotify Outside US, UK and Any of Their Supported Countries

  • First of all, we will have to change or proxy server to UK. As I Think you know that but I tell you There so many online web services are available, but I personally recommended you Tunnen Bear for the task. using Tunnel bear for windows you can surf using UK & US proxy servers with maximum number of bandwidth cap of 500 MB, which is more than enough for task. You will have to create a free account before you can use Tunnel Bear.
spotify abroad free

how to use spotify abroad for more than 14 days

  • After activating the UK proxy with the the help of Tunnel Bear Software, Now Simply Open Spotify homepage and easily click on Sign Up button to make an account. It’s mandatory to have a Facebook account to register to Spotify.
Spotify Change Country

Spotify 14 Days Bypass

spotify available countries

How to Upgrade to Spotify Premium on App

  • After Sign Up with Spotify, now log in to your account and select Edit profile from top-right corner. In the account settings, Select United Kingdom as your currently country and save the information. That’s the reason why we are on a UK proxy. If you are not on a UK proxy server, Spotify Premium Apk will not allow you to change your country information.
change country in spotify

How Mush Does Spotify Premium Cost

spotify change region

Spotify Is Not Available in Your Country Fix

Spotify VPN Free

How to Use Outside US on iPhone

That’s it Guys, After Spotify logs you in for the first time, you can easily use without Spotify VPN Free anytime you want use without VPN Services.

best vpn for spotify

You Can Only Use Spotify Abroad for 14 Days

#2 Method

Let us get started.

How to Use Spotify On Windows PC outside US & UK

Step 1. First of All Download and Install Cyberghost VPN on Your device.

Step 2. After Download & Install Now Open up Cyberghost VPN and Simply click on the Simulated Country option > Select UK as the country > OK.

Spotify Change Country

Spotify Change Country

Step 3. After Select Country Now Click on the big power button to connect to the UK proxy server.

Step 4. Once your connection is successful Connect, Now you can Visit on Ip2Location to verify that your proxy is successfully working.

Step 5. Visit Spotify Official website and Click on Signup with a Facebook account or via Email address > to Verify your account.

Step 6. Now Download and install the Spotify desktop application (all while you are still connected to UK proxy server).

Step 7. Login to your account from the Desktop application and you have successfully created a Spotify free user account.

(Optional) Step 8. Press the Like button on this article to share it on Facebook.

Now you can safely disconnect your VPN (UK proxy server), You only needed it for the first login using desktop application. For further logins you can use your own IP.

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You can also install the Spotify on Android with the help of Spotify++ Android Apk and synchronize your playlist always to listen to music on both devices & new latest updates. Do keep in mind that on the Android app, You can only shuffle play your playlist with a limit of 6 ‘skips’ per hour. That is not so bad for unlimited free music. Indian Disposable Phone Number | Best Photo Viewer for Windows 7

Video Tutorial for Spotify 14 Days Abroad

For further guidance, see our video tutorial on the topic.


There’s no one stopping you from exploring the endless world of music, except for some annoying ads which play themselves in between tracks for a free user. Don’t worry, we will be covering a quick tip shortly to take care of these ads. Happy Spotifying!!! Hide Apps on Android Without Root

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