Top 10 Best Offline Games for iPhone & iPad To Play Without Data or WiFi In 2024

Best Offline Games for iPhone Are you always need more data by a limited data plan? And you all are always trying to playing game online with your iPhone or iPad can be really interesting and feeling are just out of the world, specially if you are playing online game or against other players who are in different location. Your iPhone or iPad are more powerful and it is specially made for gaming. And you don’t need to access to the internet to using them.

This is specially thanks to the iOS games you can easily play offline without any issues, and these are best offline games for iOS. I know online iOS games are best but you must have an active internet connection before you can play. And you can’t connect to the internet if you don’t have access to wifi or mobile data. So what can you do if your cellular data exhaust and also lost your mobile network signal? You 100% definitely cannot play the game, and that the situation Offline iOS Games become helpful in fighting boredom and keeping you entertained.

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Day by day with the increasing craze of iPhone App Development courses on the internet, and all are wants to become and iPhone Developers, and the number of developers are already increase, there are lots of best free offline iOS games download already available but in this article I will share with you some only best. To make things easy for you, we have created a list of some best offline ipad games in 2019 that you can play the games without mobile data or WiFi.

1. Fruit Ninja


I Know that This Fruit Ninja game is very simple but most interesting game that lets you use your hand fingers to cut different types of fruits as they fall. While you are expect to slice the any fruits without miss any fruits, then make sure you don’t cut the bomb.

fruit ninja download

fruit ninja download

Lots of peoples are already play this game because it doesn’t need any special skills or tasks you just need to know how to swipe your fingers across the screen of your deice, but keep in mind if you playing this game continue then become more to more difficult to play.

2. Criminal Case

Criminal Case game is completely based on investigation and solve some different types of crime cases by questioning suspects, finding the clues and collect lots of information to find out the real criminal. Once you collect the lots of information and hints, you have to analyze them to providing strong evidence against the culprit. You have also interrogate them and all witnesses leaving no stone unturned.

criminal case game download

criminal case game download

This free iOS game is very simple & easy to play then these reason made it to our list top offline game.

3. Plants Vs. Zombies 2

First part of Plant Vs. Zombies game break the lots of recorded and collect massive huge success, And seeing the success of this game, the team launched Part 2. But In this game had some loopholes and changed everything in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Also Check GTA 5 in Mobile

plants vs zombies download

plants vs zombies download

But personally I said that previous version is more interesting and adventures with also over 300 levels and 11 crazy worlds as you plant battle against the zombies. So Now you can also download this best offline action games for iphone & iOS devices and play easily offline for completely free.

4. Bakery Town

This is game is only for who likes cooking and decorating or baking cakes and tasty cookies, snacks and bread. Bakery Town game is completely offline free games for iPhone and iPads this game is allows you to make own bakery shop to make some sweet cakes to attract lots of customers. And you can provide your customers free coffee, tea and milkshakes to attract your customers to come again on your bakery shop and eat more yummy delight. As you are thinking how to grow the customers base on your shop, then you can add some professional employ chef to help you with your business.

5. Dream League Soccer

If you are huge fan of football game then this best football games iphone is completely for you, This football game is provide you some best high interactive graphics with realistic animations to give you an existing experiences like 3D Movies.

football games download for mobile

football games download for mobile

This game is gave you the chance to create your own and handle dream soccer league team with FIFPro™ licensed played look like real. After you create your team then now you can also scratch and design your own stadium just how you want it. And now the interesting facts of this game is you can also share your favorite moments anyone with the help of RepayKitLive; you can also save your game online on iCloud so that you don’t get stuck with one device, and you can take the on the spot action online by playing against other team, but in this time you will need the internet connection.

6. Monument Valley

Monument Valley Game is very popular & best rating is everywhere. Have you ever seen one of those impossible paintings by M.C. Escher and wanted to explore them? That’s the entire premise of Monument Valley APK.

A little bit I tell you what is in this game as you play Ro, little girl wondering through colorful buildings and solving intricate puzzles. Your primary tools is your ability to change perspective of the screen, which unlock new paths. Don’t Miss to checkout our GTA San Andreas APK Download

You can also make your own setting to this game like best visuals, mysterious, most thrilling and also immersive experiences you can have on your phone, and can play it entirely offline. You might never need to use the internet again for play this game.

7. Civilization VI

Civilization 6 game is one of the best & Between children is very popular. If you are also a game lover & iOS user then i will tell you the latest installment of the epic world strategy game, is finally available on iOS. Civilization VI Game is the latest installment of the longtime franchise where you, as the leader of your people, try to rule the world throughout history.

I’ll tell you about something most important features related about this game If you play this game then Using real world leaders, place names, and also historical monuments, Civilization VI Gathering Storm game is completely turn-based game that takes hours but is easy to play in quick chunks of time. This makes it perfect for iOS.

If you are traveling in the metro or plan ride and you felling bored then you can play Civ 6 in local and online multiplayer to enjoy.

8. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Game is world number 1 game for iPhone & iOS devices and This Ticket to Ride Board Game is also a award winning board game now fits in your pocket. And the reason is to winning award popular all over world like Ticket to Ride USA, Ticket to Ride Europe, Ticket to Ride India and Ticket to Ride Amazon. Ticket to Ride Board Game makes you and your friends railroad barons, completing to be the first ones to link up the country by the train. The graphics stay true to original board game, down to the virtual trains cards you draw and put in your hand.

Ticket to Ride App you can easily play in Pass-And-Play mode, which lets you take your turn and simply pass it on your friends in front of you. This game is fully perfect to play in also solo mode. Each and every game is take times fifteen to twenty minutes, perfect for passing the time on real-life train trip. You can also Ticket to Ride Online play without faces any issues.

Download:- Ticket to Ride Price ($4.99, in-app purchases available)

9. Alto’s Adventure

This another best & great Alto’s Adventure and also sequel of Alto’s Odyssey, keep everything you like about original and adds a little more. Like New Locations, New Characters New Musics and also some new mechanical; make this game feel more like an expansion that true sequel. Still, If you love Adventure, you’ll love to Odyssey too. You can also Alto’s Adventure Online play if you have more internet data or WiFi.

Download:- Alto’s Adventure ($4.99)

10. Stardew Valley

This is another Best iPhone Games That Don’t Require Internet, Stardew Valley you get away from it all and run your own farm in a small town.

This game is one of the best ways to spend your time for any long ride. Beautiful 8-bit graphics, very simple, non-competitive game play compelling dungeon. When city life is getting you day by day down, Then your only work is escape to Pelican Town where all you have to do is harvest the pumpkins on time.

Download:- Stardew Valley ($7.99)


So Guys, This was the some best offline games for iPhone and iPads if suddenly your mobile data was exhausted and you feeling bored. Then these all games are helps you to free play, and some require a few bucks and in-app purchases.

I hope guys you like and enjoy this article if you feel any problems or suggestions the simply feel free to leave your recommendation in comment box below as soon as possible I’ll reply you surely.

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