NetCut: WiFiKill For PC Download To Stop Connection Of Other Devices Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP & Mac

WifiKill For PC


WiFikill for PC: Hey Guys, I am back again with new Post, In This Post I will tell you about netcut for PC software which you can use as Wifikill for PC, for Killing WiFi Connection of your any Friends and Family members easily. This article is completely depend on WiFiKill for PC Download App Windows/Mac. Before Some days, we was shared Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android to hack any Wifi connections of Friends with Android device with the help of Wifi hacking apk. Now we are again back with netcut for PC, in which you can kill WiFi Connections of others with your PC, and they will not able to use data from WiFi until you want. This WiFiKill for Windows 8 for also available. With This WiFiKill for PC and WiFiKill for Android is just like same to same, you can Kill Any WiFi Connection of all other connected devices, or for specific device, then other people will not able to use WiFi Connection anymore for Download Netcut For Pc Now. Also Checkout How to Create Fake Computer Virus Prank.

In order to download and install WifiKill on your PC or Mac computer you will have to use an Android Emulator.

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Wifikill for PC Download

This wifikill for windows 7 is working perfectly in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 etc. With the help of This Software or WiFiKill for laptop, you can easily protect from wifikill in your PC, from any software. This Netcut Software provides various things, which you can use in PC, like changing IP Address of others, and much more things is available in this anti wifikill for pc. Also Check it out Indian Disposable Phone Number This Software is also known as anti wifikill for pc which will help you to protect your WiFi from being Killer by any other software. You can simply Download WiFiKill for Windows 10 PC or all windows. lots of peoples always ask me how to get wifi to pc free.

WiFikill For PC

                                                        WiFikill For PC

How to download and get WifiKill for PC / Mac

You Can Easily Download Netcut For Pc and There are many kinds of software is available on the Internet but here I will share with you one of the best wifikill software for pc, which are very good, which you can checkout from below. This will help you to Kill WiFi Connection from your PC, and protect your WiFi from being Killed by other persons. So checkout some features best features of this wifikill pro for pc, and full details tutorial now from below. Some peoples are always ask me this question for how to use wifikill for pc so my suggestion is you read this article and you all problem is solved without any issues. You can use this software on any version of windows on your pc and kill WiFi connection of others users like a boss. GB Instagram Apk Download

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Coolest Features of Netcut WiFiKill for PC Software Windows & Mac

Below is the list of some of the best and coolest features of WiFikill for PC Software, which you will be getting in this Software, if you use in your PC, So let’s have look at them now from below. There are lots of features are available in this wifikill app for pc software but I found below available feature are best, You can try out this software on your PC and get most out from this software.

wifikill for pc

                                                                         wifikill for pc software

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Kill WiFi Connection With WiFikill For PC

  1. Now Comes with Wireless Analyzer Tool, Like IP Address Scanning etc and much more function.
  2. Kill WiFi Connections of Specific Device, or All Devices which are connected to the Same WiFi Network. So You can easily full control over your hand, and you can simply exclude some devices from being killed who know about this prank.
  3. Get 100% Complete Information Regarding How Much Peoples are connected in your WiFi at Same Time, Get Mac Address and IP Address of All WiFi Connected Device.
  4. Very easy to Use, wifikill full version for PC in just only few clicks, Full Detailed step by step guide is mentioned below, check that out.

Basic Requirements for Use WifiKill for Pc with Netcut

For use this WiFi Killer for PC in your PC, then you need some of the requirements, check it out now from below. and Make sure you are using Windows Operating System for use this WiFi Kill Software for PC, because it will not work in Mac or Linux OS.

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  1. Windows PC With any version of Windows Installed like Windows 7 / Windows 8 or 8.1 / Windows 10 etc. (I Will again say that this Software will not work in Mac or Linux)
  2. Download wifikill for PC or Download Netcut Software (Download Link in Given Below)
  3. Your friends Must Be Connection With Same WiFi Connection, which network you want to kill. This tool will not work if your friends are using some other WiFi, or you have not connected to WiFi Network.
wifikill alternative for pc

                                         wifikill alternative for pc

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Download Netcut for PC [WiFiKill]

You Click here and Directly download WiFiKill for PC software from below available download URL. So you can simply you have to Unlock the link by sharing it via social networking sites, and you will be able to download the exe file in your PC. and these wifikill for laptop is best on your pc and this Download Netcut For Pc is completely supported on your PC, Latpop, Computer. YoWhatsApp Apk Download

Important Note – This Trick Is for Educational purpose Only We Are Not Responsible for Anything Please Use This Software For Your Own Use.

   WiFiKill for PC Download

wifi killer for pc free download from above link, It’s Mediafire Download Link. If you have any issues while downloading file from above, or link is damaged, then comment below I will replace URL.

File Size – Below 2MB.

How to kill WiFi Connection With Netcut WiFiKill for PC

If you want to Kill WiFi from your PC with the help of Netcut Software, then just simply follow below all easy steps by steps guide. I have mentioned each and every steps with screenshots. So it will be gonna super easy guide for you, so here we go !

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Make Sure you have already Download Netcut from above Given Link

  • At First, of all You will Download Netcut Software in your PC, download link is provided you above of this guide. After successfully Download it, now Double Click on It, and Complete Setup process.
wifikill for pc

                                        wifikill app for pc

  • After Successfully Install Netcut in your PC or Laptop via above link, Now It will Create a new Icon in your Desktop, Simply Click on Icon, and Open Netcut from your PC. Now, Goto taskbar and you will see that Netcut Icon then you can, Simply Click on it, and it will Launch Netcut Software from your PC.
wifikiller for pc

     wifikill full version

  • After Open that Netcut Software from your PC, Then you wait some time and it will Complete Scanning Process of Network, and then it will show you List of all Connected WiFi Devices in your WiFi like below Screenshot. Hide Apps on Android Without Root
wifi killer app for pc

                                                               wifi killer app for pc windows

  • As you can see from above screenshot, It’s showing all Connected Devices List. If you know which IP is your Victim using, then you can click on that IP, and Click on Cut Off (Ready) option. If you want to Kill All Connected Devices, Then Select AI IPs and click CutOff (Ready) option from there.
download wifikill for pc

                                                                                     wifikiller alternative for pc

  • Notice the checkbox protect my computer on top. Checking it will ensure that your device is not vulnerable to netcut attack (If some other user on the wireless LAN has Netcut installed).
  • With this wireless network monitoring tool, you can secure your wireless network. Another main feature of netcut is that you can change the MAC address of any connected device. Highlight the device and click Change MAC button. Dolby Atmos Apk
  • You will not be able to control the devices which have Anti- netcut (Netcut defender) installed and running. Download Paid Apps for Free on Android
  • After you Cut WiFi Connection, you will see, All of other person, who have connected to the Same WiFi Connection, will not get speed in their Device, Like Below Screenshot.
wifikill for laptop

                             wifikill for pc symbianize

Use This Trick for Only Fun Purpose

How Netcut Works:

NetCut makes use of a ARP (Adress Resolution Protocol) Spoofing technique. The attacker associate the victm’s ip address with his own mac address, so that all the traffic which is meant for victim PC flow to Hacker’s system. As a result, the victim’s PC loose Internet Connectivity.Unfortunately, ARP is a stateless protocol. This means we continue to accept ARP replies and overwrite the old ones, even they have not expired yet. Worse, ARP does not define any authentication method to check whether the replies come from the trusted one.

Important Note Before Using Netcut for Pc

This wifikill alternative for pc Software is meant for use in Local WiFi Networks, and made for Only Educational Purpose. You can also Usage of This wifi blocker software in Public place WiFi may get you in Trouble. So you can use this software only where you know that, else it may cause issues for you. Use This wifi killer app for pc software only for making fun and prank with your friends and enjoy it. 🙂

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How To Protect Our WiFi From Being Killed or Spoof?

If Your friends are already using WiFi Killer Software for PC, and you want to protect your PC from being killed by using WiFi Killer Software, then you can simply follow below step by step instructions, which is give in the video. No one will be able to Kill WiFi Connection in your PC, After that you have follow below all process, so let’s check it out. GBWhatsapp Apk Download

Final Words

So Guys, this was the one of the best and easy method for kill WiFi Connection of your friends and family members with the help of WiFi Killer for PC. Netcut runs on ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) technique, For Snoof Devices so they will not able to Use Data from WiFi Connection. You can easily Download Netcut for PC is the use easy way for Killing WiFi Connection with PC. You can fully enjoy this software in your PC for free, without paying anything because this software is completely free for use.

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So Enjoy wifikill for pc and prank with your friends that WiFi Connection is working in PC, but not working in their device. Also check Windows 7 Ultimate Go Launcher Apk. So Guys, I Hope you like and enjoy this article for how to download wifikill for pc windows. In future you have Download WiFiKill for Windows 10 PC and face any problem then simply comment below. and If you have any Suggestion or Issues while following above Guide, then simply feel free to comment below, I will surely help you out. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned here for more cool tricks stuffs like this.


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    do I need to uninstall Arcaisnetcut bebore inslalling the aap

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  6. when i open it instead of it trying to install it opens it as a word doc

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