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Hey Tech Trick Seo, Readers I am back again with new trick So Guys, In This Guide I will tell you about how to send fake location on WhatsApp With Android, iPhone or Windows phone devices without any issues. If you are want to make fun with your friends then you can simply follow below tutorial for that. sending your Fake Location in Whatsapp to others Will Be Great fun, and let your friends believe you are currently in Another Country and how can you spoof fake location on whatsapp. Last Time, we was shared simple Guide on Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping This Guide is posted for both Android and iPhone Devices. If you have use any Android and iPhone Devices. Then you can simply follow these first method step by step, else you can follow second method. Share a Fake Location on Whatsapp is very good question. You may like Indian Disposable Phone Numbers If you are always looking for this Method, then you are 100% come at right place. I will Give you 100% working method Step by Step very easy tutorial let’s follow simple steps now from below.

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fake location for whatsapp

As some peoples are already Know that How to Send Real Location in Whatsapp, But today, I will tell you about how to share fake location on Whatsapp without any kind of VPN in Android Devices. It’s Very Very Easy Now for Sending Spoofed Location on Whatsapp without any kinds of issues or problems. This method Will Guide you Step by Step Tutorial about it. Sending Fake Location to another peoples via Whatsapp is possible now with some simple Tutorial. Also have a look at Free Virtual Number For Whatsapp and use Whatapp account in use mobile number. There are so many Android apps are available, for sending fake location to someone, but I am Sharing with you one of the Best App Ever, Which you can easily to send Spoof Location to anyone on Whatsapp with Android / iPhone or Windows Devices. Previously we was shared Whatsapp Plus Apk | Windows 7 Launcher for Android

how to send fake location in whatsapp

                                                                                     send fake locations on whatsapp account

How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp

One of the Great Procedure for sending a location or a fake location is more or less the same in Android, iPhone and Windows with minor differences.

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Have a Quick Look at How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp

How to Send Fake Location to Friends in Android Smartphone

So Guys, If you have use any Android Device, then you can simply use this Trick below Step by Step tutorial, for know more about how can I send fake location on whatsapp of my Device to someone in Whatsapp. Best Torrent Sites to Download Movies You can easily make fool of your friends by this Fake Location app and send any country location to any person on Whatsapp easily for free. You can follow these all steps by steps procedure for share location or fake location on WhatsApp in Android.

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How to figure out if someone has sent you a fake location?

Most of the peoples are don’t know about this WhatsApp Tricks to figure out if someone has shared a fake location. If someone has shared a fake location then location will come with the address text and red pin dropped on left hand side and if someone his/her original location then the location will come with only dropped red pin and no text as shown in the picture below. DOLBY ATMOS APK

  • At First, of All Install Fake GPS app in your Android Phone from here –    Play Store
send fake location on whatsapp

                        send fake location whatsapp

  • After Install, Now Goto Phone’s SettingsAbout Phone, Tap 7 Times on Build Number.
  • And Then you will Get a New Settings of Developer options. Open your Phone’s Settings Again, and Select the option of Developer Options, and Tick on Allow Moke Locations Button.
whatsapp fake location sender

                    whatsapp fake location sender

  • Now Simply open it Fake GPS app from your Android Phone, Select Search Button from Top, and again search the locations of your choice.
  • After Search Location, Simply Click on Set Location Button, and you are completely done.
whatsapp fake gps location share

        send whatsapp fake gps location share

Now Open Whatsapp, and Send Location to anyone, it will send the location which you was selected in Fake GPS app, Enjoy It!!

whatsapp spoof location sender app

            whatsapp spoof location sender app

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How to Send Fake Location on Whatsapp in iPhone

If you have iPhone Users, then you can also send your Fake Location to other in iPhone, So simply you can follow below easy steps now. Also Check Spotify Premium APK | iOS Emulators for Windows 10

Note – Your iPhone Must Be Jailbreak and Cydia Installed for use this method.

  • Open Cydia from your iPhone Device, and Click on Search Button, and Search for Location Faker Application.
  • There will be got 2 versions of this app available so you can simply select it according to your iOS version and install it via on screen Instruction.
  • After that you will get a New icon of Location faker app in your mobile phone Home Screen.
  • Simply Open this newly Installed app and you will see your Current Location in this app. From that app simply ZOOM in and select any other location of your choice.
  • And then Click on ON Button from lower left corner and you’re done now you can minimize this app.

By doing this Open whatsapp and select location option and now you will be 100% able to send location with Fake Address which you was selected in LocationFaker App. You also like WhatsApp DP Profile Pics Collections. So This second method is only for iPhone users for how to send a fake location on iphone.

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Answer:- I’ll covered this all peoples also asked question in this article one by one so I hope you are satisfied but now if you have any doubt and any more question so without any hesitation drop down your question i will reply you as soon as possible.

Final Words

So Guys, This was my easy Guide for How to Send Fake Location in Whatsapp android or iphone devices. Some peoples are always finding this trick do my suggestion is you can read this article for how to know fake location on whatsapp or send. This method is fully working in both Android and iPhone Smartphone. So, If you want to fool your friends by Send Fake Location in Whatsapp then tutorial is best for you. Because, you can send any country’s location and your friends will believe that you are in another country. It will be Great fun for you all, Some people who sent you the fake location on whatsapp and you remember how it is possible So you can follow this article and you can also create new fake location in whatsapp account. Also Checkout How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Going Online If you have any suggestion or questions regarding this easy article then simply drop down your comment below section I’m here to solve your all problems about change android device location for android app. Thanks for visiting stay tuned with us for more cool tricks like this.

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