How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Phone Number & SIM Card 2021

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and best messaging app and users of by billions of people across in the world. This is the also most important facts WhatsApp is also has become a quite and a popular messaging app within no time because of its user-friendly features like WhatsApp Voice Calling, You can send the Unlimited Pictures videos, and audio messages.

I know that billions of the people are already install WhatsApp application on your device on their devices so that they can send unlimited messages and share the unlimited videos, audios and images messages on their friends. GBWhatsApp APK Download I Think always user are account created times we have used the mobile numbers and this problems many peoples are not used the WhatsApp.

So Friends your problems solutions is here Today I am share you How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number I know that WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that lets users are create an account using a mobile number and make use of all its incredible features. Also Read Send Unlimited SMS prank with your friends with SMS Bomber Online. And Instagram Plus Apk


Methods to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number

Method 1: WhatsApp Without Mobile Number


You can just follow the very easy steps you can see given below here Now, You can download and install WhatsApp without phone on PC.

Step 1: I Know that if you are an existing user of this WhatsApp, You are delete or uninstall your old WhatsApp account.

Note: As your choice Make sure that you are save your all data like images, videos, audios and make some important files on your phone device before heading to delete your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Once you have delete your old WhatsApp account, Now, you have need to download the new and latest WhatsApp messenger app and install on your device without without any issues.

Click Here to Download WhatsApp Messenger

Step 3: Now, WhatsApp are ask you then your mobile phone verification purpose. But You are also know that our main intention is to How to Create Whatsapp Without Number Verification. Now, you need to switch your phone to ‘FLIGHT’ mode.

how Put-an-Android-Phone-Into-Airplane-Mode

Step 4: Now, Open the latest WhatsApp messaging app installed on your device and enter your mobile number. As your phone is in flight mode, it’s not the complete verification process which is an alternative way.

Step 5: Now, But you can choose the verification through the SMS and enter your E-mail address.

Step 6: Now, You can select on “Submit” Button and Now, immediately Click on ‘Cancel’ Button. But You have to This work and perform this action within a few seconds. This is the most crucial and important step in this method. Create Multiple Gmail Accounts Without Phone Verification

Step 7: Now, it’s your time to install spoof or fake message apps on your mobile phone devices to use WhatsApp app without a mobile or phone numbers. Your authorization process ends in the final step.

Step 8: Now you have to make the spoof message.

  • If you’re an Android user, Now you can download the from Spoof Text Message.
  • If you’re an iPhone user, Now you can need to download and install Fake A Message.
  • If you’re Install the  any of the above depending on your phone device operating software.

Step 9: Now, you can go to your inbox, And copy the message details and send it to the a fake number.

You can just use the below details to perform this false verification step.

  • To: +447900347295
  • From: + (country code) (mobile number)
  • Message: Your E-mail address

Step 10: Now, you will see your mobile phone a false verification message will be sent to the fake number. Now, its all works are done to the verification process without any phone number.

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Method 2: Use Text Now App

Now, you will see the first methods and i am explained the step by step how to Use WhatsApp Without a Phone Number. I know that First method is very lengthy process. Now, Its time to second method you are use a mobile app namely TextNow to How to Make WhatsApp Without Phone Number. You will see and read the very carefully Here are i will show you step-by-step all procedure to How to Get WhatsApp Without Phone Number using TextNow. Spotify Premium Apk for iOS

Step 1: Download TextNow App

  • Now, You can download the TextNow app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • This app is also work on your computer software is called as BlueStacks.

Step 2: Open TextNow App

After download and installing the app on your device Now, first process is you can open the app.

If just the TextNow app does not show your number or if  you are forgot to enter the number, do you could find your TextNow number and just by following the below steps to step:

  • Android: If Once you open the Textnow app on your Android phone device, Now you can just hit the 3-lines icon located on the top-left corner on your Phone, and there you can see your mobile number.
  • Windows Phone: Once you have open the Textnow app, and just give the navigate to the People tab wherein you can see your phone number.
  • IPhone: Hit the 3-lines icon located on the top-left corner of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. There you can see your phone number.

Step 3: Verify Number

  • Once you have get the TextNow number, just note it and open WhatsApp on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  • Agree the all terms and conditions of the WhatsApp and then enter your the TextNow app number.
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  • if you are wait for the 2-5 minutes for the SMS verification to fail. and then your SMS verification is fails, Now, you have will be prompted to your call number. And Just Select on the Call Me button to receive and automated call from WhatsApp.
  • This is Make a note of the verification number and Now, which you received the WhatsApp call Verfication.
  • Now, Its time to Enter your WhatsApp verification code in WhatsApp.
  • Now, That’s You have now successfully Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number 2019.

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Method 3: Using Existing Landline

This method is you can makes use of your personal existing phone or home landline number to verify your WhatsApp account. And Simply you can follow the all steps by steps and Now, given below to use the WhatsApp on your Android Phone device without a mobile or phone number and SIM card. Create Fake Facebook Account Fast

Step 1: Now You can Open your WhatsApp app on your Android Device, PC or tablet Etc.

Step 2: When Now, it prompts to you enter your mobile number, just enter your Home Landline Phone number.

Step 3: Now It Just you can wait for 3-4 minutes or within the Few seconds So Now, your SMS verification is fail and you’ll be prompted with an option to Call Me. Just Select on it to get a call from WhatsApp to your Landline number.

Step 4: This Features are also available An automated voice call from WhatsApp will tell you at the 6-digits verification code. Just note down and enter the verification code in the space provided on your WhatsApp verification.

Step 5: Now its all works are done and your WhatsApp account gets verified, finish the setup process.

Step 6: That’s it! You can now start a chat or group conversation on your WhatsApp Friends and using the account without any phone number or mobile number.

Final Verdict

Now, You can Here see and read These are the three simple and easy methods for How to Setup WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM card. I Hope you are like this tutorial guides you in the best way to use WhatsApp without using your phone number. IF you have Feel the the any problems or issues now you can drop down your comment here I’ll Try my Best as soon as possible.


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