How To Make Calls With The WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

Hello friends, Today i am come with the  “How to make calls with the WhatsApp voice calling feature” Yes, you can see and read right this. This features is only the update and latest WhatsApp and we are also the new label add the WhatsApp on TECHTRICKSEO where we will share the always new tips and tricks to related this.

Well we are the many use the whatsapp but even more than the Facebook or any others social networking sites. The total revenue of WhatsApp is 600$ billion in 2016.

You can since the Facebook are the some significant changes in the WhatsApp, There some different types of extra privacy, Hiding the last seen, also the status and profile picture Etc. And this is the most important information WhatsApp Server is the failed to the 23rd last from the 220 minutes. So, its be quite a lively out and their the headquarters. After the all WhatsApp complete property are control the Facebook.

How to make calls with the WhatsApp voice calling feature

Well WhatsApp next update coming is The very helpful  for its all users. and WhatsApp will be coming out the with free calling features Later but chances to coming this year April month.


At the mobile world Congress fair held in the Barcelona on Monday 24th Feb 2014 the CEO of the WhatsApp. Also said the Jan koum. “We are driven the mission that people are stay in the touch affordably in the anywhere”.


“I think actually by itself the more than the 19 Billion, Mark Zuckerberg also the added Just independently Even  I think it is a Good Bet”.

So, WhatsApp Adding this facility and is used by the 450 millions users Free of Cost later this year. Buy this update facility are not supported the many telecom operators and it will be breakdown the revenue.

Line, WeChat, Viber and many others chatting app will apply this offers facility. So, Its can be some changes in this app as well as. Now, just you can wait for the new updates.

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