Top 5 Best Transcription Software for Mac [Free & Paid] 2023

Hello Guys, After a Long time I am back again with new and amazing article So today in this article i will share with you some Best Transcription Software for Mac Lots of peoples are always comment and ask When we are dealing with a significant amount of audio or video data, it is not very easy to hear them out and then convert them into the text. The Transcription task gets complicated as we may be dealing with different dialects and at times noisy data.

There are lots of Transcription Software for Mac Free are available in the internet come to rescue. This software is main purpose speech to text conversion making your job a whole lot easier.

Best Free Transcription Software for Mac


1. Express Scribe

Express Scribe is one of the best & most popular software and lots of choices when it comes to transcription in Mac. You can name it an awesome audio Transcription Software for Mac too. Express Scribe is completely helps you to play audio and video contents also so that you can also optimize the transcription process. If you can compared this software to a normal media player, you have not control this software too much but also how the transcribed content is made. Express Scribe is specially designed considering the needs of Mac users. Also Read Spotify Premium Apk This software is also provide you lots of amazing features and functions like speed playback, multi-channel control, playing video much more.

Express Scribe Free Download and using completely free version, you can also use the standard audio formats such as wma, wav dct and mp3.

express scribe free download

Its also supports video and audio playback and also plays formats including encrypted dictation files. This Automatic Transcription Software receives and loads files automatically by the internet (FTP), local PC network.


  • Professional interface
  • Customizable features
  • Extensive support
  • Hotkey support


  • Not suitable for Beginners

Express Scribe is also work with speech recognition software to automatically convert audio to text. With the very easy to use you can use plug and play foot pedal feature, you can make your own foot control to playback as to your suitable which can easily helps you to increase your typing speed in your computer. As you can also loaded your CD audio drive and start your working as the audio loads.

Express Scribe Basic costs $29.99, and Professional costs $34.99.

2. Dragon Transcription Software for Mac

Dragon is specially structured for those peoples to enable make archives, spreadsheets, or introduction quicker.

This software is very helpful and so valuable for sending messages and for rounding our structures. The interpretation by Dragon is exceptionally exact. And also 100% fit for cutting edge customization includes with the goal that it adjust well to even utilized organization like .mp4, .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .aif, .m4a, .m4v.

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3. Transcribe

Transcribe is specially developed for MAC to transcribe mp3 to text and convert different formats like mp4, mp3, AMR, etc. into the text documents form efficiently and very effectively.

Transcribe is free audio to text transcription software for mac. It’s rather an online transcription tool that does work with Mac very well. This software is also helps your for transcribing audio as well as video, but its also provide you amazing features of automated transcription and dictation. If you are very lazy to types anythings on your computer then this features completely for you just simply you can say anything and Transcribes does its jobs very well.

Transcription software free download

You can also control the any audio or videos like – start, stop, pause, fast forward, slow down etc using the keyboard while using the typing. Now come to the main and most important part how to do manual transcription. Transcribe is the perfect. Transcribe is support different languages as well.

There are lots of amazing features are available in this software like controlling and removing the noise and disturbances behind the audio and video. This allows the all users to enjoy and also saved times and boost their energy level to work more. There are many shortcuts and important features like automatic saving are presents in this products.

4. Transcriva (Free)

Transcriva is one of the best and most popular Free Transcription Software for Mac that prioritizes user interface. This software is very helpful for the education users like students with all in one editors user interface initially with the real experience of writing the text into a Word doc file.

If you ask me personally which software is simple to use then i will said that you Transcriva is one of the simplest ways to transcribe video or audio and also food pedal support. In both cases, you have very simply method to track your progress and customize the process. Also beginners looking for a simple, fast and efficient  emulator with fewer requirements then i will suggest you to install software.

transcriva transcription software

Transcriva is added lots of more features like backup & recovery and follow along from the options panel. Also press hotskeys or save shortcuts for start and stop the recording and Bring and drop audio or video files.

5. InqScribe

InqScribe is best for both users Beginners or Professions this software will help all types of users different prominent operating system like Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac etc to get supported by its unique converting system of audio to text lots of peoples are said that me this software is Best Audio Transcription Software for MAC is world best software so in this reason I will added on 5th number.

Mac devices is provided you this software already installed in your device and Mac is most suitable platform for this software. Amazing features are available like typing, foot pedal, multi languages, edit tools, and insertion of snippets etc.

InqScribe full crack

Very easy to control are best things we found in InqScribe. You can simply add shortcut of the audio and start the playback on the right side of the Windows. InqScribe is not provide you any fancy features in here. On the other side it offers provide you an environment for peaceful transcription.

Professionals and Experts are use this InqScribe for transcribing to edit the movies and music. It also allows to you add the timestamps during the play-back so that you can reverse-navigate thereafter. When you are done your all work it allows you to export your file properly with your format as well.

Final Words

So guys this was the world best transcription software for mac reviews and all the software that will run on Mac easily without any issues. I hope that you all are easily observe the article regarding all the software info and their features and select the best comparison for you.

In my opinion Express Scribe is best on our list and i will also suggest you to use this. It provide you lots of amazing features and advanced technologies. It was not very expensive for beginners and professionals.

I am added the both software list paid and free versions, so don’t worry. I hope you like and enjoy this article if you have any queries or suggestion then please drop down your comment in comment section.

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