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Android Custom Roms


Best Android Custom ROMs: Hey Guys, I am back again with the latest tricks & tips for Android users So Guys, If you are Android Geek, like me Then you also checkout List of Best Custom ROMs for Android and most popular Android ROMs for Android Devices. Also, Read about How to Root Android Phone Without PC. In this war of smartphone, there are two big most names Giant of smartphone market.  Apple & Google. Apple IOS and Google’s Android are the two most big and popular companies of Smartphone operating system. If you have Android device, and you want to maximize its performance, Then you must checkout How to Increase App Storage Memory In MTK Chipset. It will Increase app Storage in MTK Android Phones. We have tried so many different types of custom ROMs, but here I am mentioned the one of the Cool & Good Custom ROMs List, which you can try on your Android devices, And get a Wonderful UI feel in your OLD device. But if we do a comparison between both operating systems then Google’s Android is far ahead then Apple’s iOS.Here are one of the best Custom ROMs for Android free download. Why Android operating system is better than iOS : Reason Because behind the success of android is that android operating system is provides the lots of Features Customization and freedom of anything with your android powered smart phone, while iOS has not provided you a lots of customization. If you are a geek or use your android a lots of time then you must be aware by the word ROM. Also Checkout Best Method for How to Install Custom ROM Without Losing Data, and how to use rom installed app on your device.

best android custom roms

                                                                                                      Best Android Custom ROMs

Best Custom Roms for Android Smartphone

Install Custom ROMs in Android Device then Custom ROMs Make your Phone better, and It will boost up the mobile phone performance of your Device for 100% sure. You will get give you new UI on your device, Which gives you feel of Brand new android mobile phone. So it’s compulsory for Install Custom ROMs in your device, because you can find good custom ROMs list from below. One of The best thing about our android is that android is completely open source. Must Try    So many peoples are always ask Flash Custom ROM in Android Let me to explain you Open Source means any one can use Google’s stock android ROM (AOSP) to build any new ROM by doing some changes. But there are so many different types of custom ROMs available for android devices, Some user are get confused about which custom ROM is best and users are confused in this Situations but don’t worry here are I will sharing with you Top 10 Best Android Custom ROMs for Android Device You can try these all Custom ROMs without any issues. Also Checkout How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock Without Gmail with the help of Software. That why here we came with a list of Top 10 Best Android Custom ROMs. for android devices. So Let’s checkout the list of to 10 best android custom roms install and here you will completely android custom roms free download. Also Checkout How To Install One App Twice On Android Without Root


  Best Custom ROMs

Some Quick List Of Best Android Custom Roms 2021

Lets have a Quick look at the very easy & best android custom roms in android device. Just click on app link now from below for move to that apps description and also get a download link of the apps from here easily. Best Android ROMs for Customization lovers.

  1. CyanogenMod
  2. MiUi
  4. Paranoid Android
  5. Slim Beam
  6. Pac-man Rom
  7. Carbon Rom
  8. Euphoria Rom
  9. OmniROM
  10. Dirty Unicorns

#1 CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod ROM is one of the best & top the list without any doubt. Peoples are just crazy for CyanogenMod ROMs. The reason behind the success of CyanogenMod is that it Cyanogen provides its user a great ROM with too much of Customization all people are like to customize android device with their own wish. Cyanogen is assured provide you the updates of your installed Android OS. There so many different types of Best custom rom for Android Devices are already available. It also allows allowed you to Uninstall the pre-installed Apps which are installed by vendor whether beneficial to us or not. You can also used profile options to be used for different users to restrict access for different users. CyanogenMod, is also control the different button and assign different task to each. List of all compatible devices and its more information given its official site which is given below & CyanogenMod you that freedom to you here i am sharing with you Best Android Custom ROMs.

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Download CyanogenMod

#2 MiUi

MiUi is another Cool Android Custom ROMs developed by Xiaomi and used in the all Xiaomi’s mobile phones by default. MiUi is best and better than CyanogenMod ROM in terms of the interface. MiUi android custom rom has very colorful & good UI. MiUi ROM is so much very inspired by the iOS. But according to the user who used both CyanogenMod & MiUi. CyanogenMod is more stable and useful than MiUi, but the most peoples are like colorful thing then they will surely like this ROM. MiUi is also so much helpful With this Rom you mark, block, identity unwanted phone calls with other details. Its allowed you to access the notifications from any screen including lock screen. Notification shared allow you to get information in more interactive way. Its provides you 5000+ themes for your phone. List of all compatible devices and its more interactive and more information is given in its official site which is given below I am mentioned here Top 10 Download Best Android Custom Rom for.

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Download MIUI

#3 AOKP ROM (Android Open Kang Project)

AOKP is another popular in all Android Custom Roms. If you are loving of Stock Android then you should install this AOKP Android custom Roms on your device. After installation then you will find all options of Rom in Rom control Tab Menu. With the help of this Rom we can easily change the height of navigation key and navigation bar according to our need. Navigation bar and status bar can also be create the transparent with this Rom. We can also design custom vibration patterns to make it easy to identify who is calling even when your phone is in your pocket. One of the best and great list of all compatible devices and its some more information is given in its official AOPK Website which is given below. Android Open Kang Project is the ROM for heavy user, it said that this ROM is working very smoothly & to much awesome performance or features. We give it 3rd rank because it has less customization as compared to CyanogenMod and MiUi. But this ROM can give a very tough competition to CyanogenMod & MiUi in the terms of performance.

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#4 Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android ROM is also provides a wide range of features to customize the device, through this is basically an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based on ROM so it can’t be better than MiUi or CyanogenMod. This Paranoid Custom ROM is one of best Custom rom for your android device. This rom will providing you more cool features and customization on your device, and this rom is specially created or get more performance from your device. This is the world first ROM is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It will also allows to change the color of scheme in settings menu, multi-window feature, and 100 & better performance and create more space to be used install other applications. Its hover mode allows you read your all notifications one by one as they arrive and avoid any interruption with the documents you are working on. Its immersive mode hides the system bars globally. SMS Bomber Online


#5 Slim Beam

This is Another one of the best and awesome ROM with basic features, This ROM can be the alternative of stock rom because has very similar features like stock rom. This ROM can be the great ROM for all users who don’t do much with their android smart phone. A Very simple stable ROM for some simple users those don’t know to tweak and customize their devices too much. Slim Beam Android Custom Rom that focus on providing users simple interface without any errors or problem. With the help of this ROM you can simply update your Android version only one click and your Android version is upgrade like Lollipop to Marshmallow. It uses a custom kernel so that we can take the advantages of better performance and battery backup. It Also supports various different types of all launchers and display themes with different styles. You can also read your notification even in lock screen. List of all compatible devices and its more information is given on its official website which is given below.

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#6 Pac-man Rom

Pac-man Rom is one of the best ROM all Android custom Roms. It combines the various features of best Roms like, CyanogenMOd, Paranoid, AOPK and lets you allow to take advantages of these Rom best features as it is clear form its name. PAC man Rom is provides you bulk number of free interface with custom features like set different vibrate mode for different users, set height of navigation bar, different inbuilt launchers, change predefined patterns of buttons. You can read more about its official site. How to Hack WiFi on Android

Pac-man Rom

#7 Carbon Rom

Carbon Rom is another one of the best good choice in all Android Roms and Android users. Its quick launch ring features allow you to keep up to four applications in the ring for Instant access. It so many various features features are already arranged in scroll able tab according to categories. We can also change the color of navigation bar. It also allowed you to add the more options and toggle to menu bars. Quick setting option can be modify up-to five columns and add to navigation bar as traditionally and also added like scroll bar menu. Create Multiple Gmail Acount Without Phone Verification

Carbon Rom

#8 Euphoria Rom

Euphoria Rom is also one of the best android custom roms. This ROM is best compatible with nexuses mobile. This ROM is completely based on AOSP Lollipop version.  It provides you choose your best theme in your device for look like a more attractive. euphoria Rom is also include the many sound enhancements including AudioFX, expended volume panel. It also provides inbuilt security option. If you are looking for more customize features for nexuses mobiles then Euphoria ROM is one of the best choice for you. It also provides more attractive graphics and users interface. It also mentioned Led manager, Profiles, Privacy manager and also allow Navigation bar resize option.

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Carbon Rom

#9 OmniROM

It is another good Custom Rom list of best Android Custom ROMs. This Rom is completely developed by CyanogenMod Developers. It is a good options for users Who wants to upgrade their device with Android marshmallow Version. OmniRom is also supports the Large number range of Devices like Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, Oppo, HTC etc. It provide fast switching between the App using its Omni Switcher. It provides easy to use interface with Its look like attractive and various different types of Customize features like, Status bar, Colors, Notifications, Themes etc.

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Carbon Rom

#10 Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is also a good option in the list of Best Android Custom Roms. We all are easily Customize our Android Mobile Phone with its Very Great features. It already provide Android 6.0 Marshmallow Version. It also mentioned the Color Customization, Lock Screen Wallpaper Changer, Notification Customization. This ROM also provides the users of smart bar. We can easily Assign 7 target for Android phones and up-to 10 target for Android Tablets. It also provide pulse of feature. When we play music with it, it provide bar Style Equalizer. It support a wide range of mobiles phones including Sony, Nexus, Samsung, HTC etc.

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Video Tutorial: How to Flash Custom ROM on Android?

Final Words

So Guys, This was the some Best Custom ROMs for Android Device. There are so many different types of Free Custom ROMs Applications in Marketplace but some them are not stable to use. These are one of the Best Custom ROMs for Android Phones available. You can Simply Flash these all Custom Roms on your device, and it will provide you New UI look and feel, and Custom ROMs make your Phone more function able, It will give you some cool features on your device, which you will not see in your Stock ROM, Which comes Pr-Installed in All Devices. Must Try How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts So Now you can simply try these all Best Android Custom ROMs Tools one by one on your device, and use which custom rom you like always. Oh yeah, My favorite Custom is CyanogenMod, which is your favorite ROM? Sim you comment below. Also Checkout Android Hacking Apps List, you can also try these Best free hacking apk for hack your neighbors WiFi with the help of Best WiFi Hacking Apps of Android. In case we missed out any of the best custom ROMs for android please leave your review we will update it soon. So Simply you can Download Best Android Custom ROMs Or If you have any issues or problems for Flashing Custom ROMs in your device, then feel free to comment below, I will try to help out as soon as possible. Thanks Happy Flashing & stay tuned for more cool and good stuffs like this. Thanks for visiting.






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