5 Hidden Benefits Of The No-follow Backlinks 2019

Hello Guys If you are daily face to SEO Then you also must know about Nofollow, In The Seo their are common questions about the no-follow links that people are usually ask: Dolby Atmos APK

  • Should we make No-follow links ?
  • Does No-Follow Links contribute to a site’s SEO ?
  • Are there benefits of any form of No-follow Backlinks ?
  • You Are No-Follow tags completely being ignored by Google ?

So, this article list is very really long !!! So,let me covers that the all points and clear your all questions and doubts. Send Unlimited SMSwith SMS Bomber Online & Indian Disposable Phone Number

What Are The No-Follow Links ?


This is a very simple language, those people are N0-follow links which do nit pass any link juice. it is the just sign gor search engines saying “don’t count this link” and “don’t follow this link”.

This types you make the no-follow link, and No-follow tag is also used as the show below.

You can see the examples of No-Follow:  <a href=”https://techtrickseo.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor Text</a>

This is a very much valuable and also this link is don’t pass any link juice. and i will cover the in the next portion of this article.

5 Cores Benefits of The No-Follow BackLinks

Well friend this all backlink are not the helping and benefits for the any gets SEO. but you are not the confused. many of you rankings are stable but you just No-follow backlinks. !! So,guys you continue…. your reading and see here the benefits of the No-Follow backlinks.

How No-Follow Backlinks Work [Top 5 Tips]

1.Traffic, Traffic and Traffic On Your Sites/blogs

Traffic is the something which without of your conversions any Ads (may be it click, leads, sales chances etc). This is here you can called the No-Follow links any relevant can directly help your you can get boost your traffic. Best Photo Viewer for Windows 7

This is the not the matter of your niches into, and No-follow link are always the helping your to some extra traffick your sites. I guess the nothing much I am explain you from this heading.

If you like the nofollow contextual link from the marshable, Then it was a pretty and much see obvious will getting on your good amount of traffic. and (also chance the thousands of traffic) and you can good numbers of share the social network and which get you site more traffic. and also your site content/keyword is  really good your site will get great user engagement and thus it can help you in rankings is day day day good.

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2. Makes Your Site Are Look Like The Natural

Makes Your Sites Look Like A Natural, And Google is a zoo many more filled with a Animals.

Well friends having a good balance of both nofollow and dofollow backlinks you can follow this and your sites link and blogs are look like the naturals. you can make a many for backlink half are chances your backlink are the penalized.

You can making the some No-Follow backlink can help your diversifying your profile and which can help your escape and Google penalty.

3. Increases The DA, PA & Other Metrics

You can though the PA, DA, Alexa Rank, Ahrefs Rank, Etc. Are at all not associated with the Google, bing or any other search engines. But you can check the metrics and also try to improve your metrics. Advertisers are also sponsored the posts, Ad and listening have not say about your Website’s. There are one only factors really on are Page Authority, Domain Authority, And Last one is Alexa Rank.

No-Follow tags are not the seen as a direct and ranking factor by the Google and others Search Engines, but others sites are like the ahrefs, moz, alexa have index your all create backlinks. So,Friends you can create the No-Follow Numbers of backlinks (From the good sites). You can easily increase your metrics, DA, PA. Don’t Miss Spotify Premium APK | Best Sites to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

4. Builds Your Authority

No-follow backlinks are helped for your gain the sites and Some authority. You can start the referral traffic to your site. you can the probably will also the coming getting the new subscribers. on your link on the big websites can your trust.

But, all this happens when you provide your websites Good contents and Quality of your post.

5. Safest tag

1 More benefits and Advantages of No-Follow backlinks. but it is safe Well i m called the this is the safe because you are don’t worry about No-Follow links that you points to your site.

Well, this is here some really cool  benefits of No-Follow backlink !!! i m sure you have still the more questions, but firstly you are reading this article.

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You Should We Also Make The No-Follow Backlinks ?

So Guys That’s it Link building involves a lot’s of smart work that are must to keep your site standing on a top even when the animals from the Zoo are let free. In this article we know to How To Increase core traffics with no-Follow Backlinks, in which traffic is something without we cannot run our site if our site have a much traffic there is also a chances to come click on ads. Also We have to make our Site look like a Natural And through the DA, PA Alexa, Ahref is not associated with Google this is only just a tools by which we can analysis our site performance and nothing else, Generally Google Doesn’t measure the No-follow backlinks but the No-Follow Backlinks are help to increase alexa rank, PA DA, ahref or other metrics site. if you are getting a more referral link then also your sites become more trustworthy That’s it guys Keep visit again and stay tuned with TechTrickSeo.Com.


  1. rahul sir u r just amazing. very nice article for newbies like me. tnx lot sir

  2. Hi sir.
    I am very lucky bcoz i got a friend like rahul sir.

  3. Rahul singh says

    Hi Rahul sir…
    I usually use blog commenting to build some backlinks for my blog. but I was worried about if these backlinks are of any use. (those with Nofollow tag) . I supposed these backlinks as a waste of my time.
    But Reading your post, I came to know the importance of NoFollow backlins .
    Thanks … keep inspiring us

  4. Pratyush singh says

    Simply desire to say your article is as astounding.
    The clearness in your post is simply great and i can assume
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  5. Awesome post buddy ? ,

    P.S- commented to get backlink :p

  6. Informative post. I have a small query, I have noticed nofollow links are helpful for blogs with long term posts, but does nofollow links help short term posts?
    For example, I am running a blog on deals niche, the niche is itself short term, where new offers come every hour. Does nofollow links helps to rank in case of short term posts???

    • Hi,

      Yes it will indeed help you.

      Look out for the points I mentioned, it can help you increase your metrics and authority. So it will still be helpful if your blog is short term based.

      Thanks for the comment. ?

  7. I am agree with this post cause i have experience no-follow and do-follow both links are important for seo because simply if we remember by love or by hat but we are remembering same for link building :p

  8. Thanx Rahul, but can you plz mention if count of No follow will be very much higher than do follow, what will happen.

  9. Hi

    Here you have shared a very affirmative information about no-follow links. I really thankful to you. Your some points are very news that I read first time. I think you have a great knowledge about SEO. Please solve my query. I have a site “webnseo.in” If use some no-follow links on it, it’s beneficial for my site or not? If I use no-follow links on it then how much?

  10. No Follow means not to crawl then how can be this helpful ? when Google will unable to crawl. Now a days creating a do follow Backlinks are so thought work rather than no follow. we can make no follow easily by various popular sites such as Wikipedia and High PR CommentLuv enable blogs but we should invest only time in get dofollow Backlinks beacuse dofollow are very very much better than nofollow. we should build no follow just balance the ratio between both.

    Thanks ?

  11. Hey Rahul bro,
    Good share buddy..I didn’t thought that no-follow link will help that much..you have mentioned that you got a no-follow link from wiki,any tips for us to do the same?

    • Hello Ankit,

      Well I got many. If your article is really good and provide value then you can add your link to the related relevant wiki page of that topic. It won’t be removed.

      There are no special tips to get on wiki. Just focus on value and Quality, you will start getting linked by many top sites including wiki.


  12. Us it possible for health blog to get backlinks from popular sites like mashable ? If yes any way to do please explain a way .. I already know one way but want to know any other method

    • Hi,

      Well everything is possible. There must be some other authority blogs and sites under health niche and if you are doing good with your posts, you can surely get linked by them.

      The problem is, even if we provide something new and valuable we still fail to reach the audience. So if you think you have written something valuable, simply go for promoting your content. Do email outreach, follow backlinko’s skyscraper technique etc.

      The whole intention is to get your content to them, once you pass in it you will definitely gonna get some benefits.


  13. Thanx Rahul, but can you plz mention if count of No follow will be very much higher than do follow, what will happen.

  14. Very informative Article Rahul

  15. digital marketing Edmonton says

    They are very effective organic links for seo. Really effective in increasing google traffic.

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