Best Ways to Increase Your Traffic With StumbleUpon

Hey, Guys today i am share you premium method “How to get the instant traffic from the StumbleUpon On your Site”. As you are the newbie Blogger, My site are doesn’t the much more traffic and this problems are faced the almost the every Newbie blogger. So, i am the find of the internet How to get the instant traffic on my site and other site. Few week i am the searches in this same things. I cam the the across video name is ” How I got my traffic doubled in 1 day “. So, friends i am see the videos and followed by the all steps.

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Within i have no much more time i had boost my blog traffic and i was like that the cracked code. When i am the some other researches on it, like Checking who all my Facebook friends are not in the results. and few day i have seen Results are very amazing. I am say it only the top bloggers, and you can share it the blog post and made a Good reputation. This is made me i am always sure StumbleUpon is Big source of traffic for them.


How to Get Instant Traffic from StumbleUpon on Your Site

Before i am knowing actually how it works. And i would tell about the StumbleUpon for the newbie blogger.

StumbleUpon is a basically recommended Discover Engine that is recommends to the interest Web content  to the users. Social network is millions of members where the people share the content,videos,photos Etc. This is the very broad list of categories allowing you can find the sites and pages of our the interest.

Now, many people are question arises, how to get the instant traffic from the StumbleUpon??

First of all, at the After you got the signup if you are select those are area you are interest, don’t fill all the randomly this is the important part. First of all you are complete your all profile to the related activities. it will be lead to your interest contents, You can like or dislike Stumble are those pages, In this all ways you can find the some really interesting topics, tricks, and other content.

Now this time To Add your page and also the content So, other users are find your Website too. And login to your Account and go to the submit option. Here are you can submit your all post easily as the shown below. just fill the all details and you can submit it.

How to Get Instant Traffic from StumbleUpon on Your Site

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Once you have submit your post, and open your Analytics and boom. And you are see the 20-30 views of your post. The more likes get on your post on StumbleUpon share the others and more. So, this way instant traffic your site and blog.

How to Get Instant Traffic from StumbleUpon on Your Site


This is not the necessary you are go to the link and submit your all post. You can easily submit the using of StumbleUpon Social media and even the toolbar having the StumbleUpon button.

Some different types of tips may help you get the more exposure:


  • Follow of your all friends and other people of your interest, this way you get the also followed by them.


  • Submit the single post not the more than in 3.


  • Thumb up all those post you liked him.


  • Make sure To submit the post to the according and category.


  • Make list so, that you can have your post arranged the accordingly.

Please share this tips and tricks for the others bloggers and Comment your experience. For more Traffic tricks Click here.

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