How to Install Custom Rom Without Wiping/Losing Data 2024

Install Flash Custom ROM No Data Loose


How to install custom ROM without losing data: Hey Guys! Today’s in this article I am going to share with you about how can you change your custom ROM without loosing data of your android device. If you are here then would be knowing about the custom ROM basically custom ROM means a firmware which is used on your mobile phone. Also, Checkout Root Android Without PC Basically when you are purchasing the new mobile phone and then there is already firmware was installed on your mobile phone and it is called as Stock Firmware or Stock ROM and when you change are changing the Firmware you are using the Custom Firmware why? If you look like about how to use a ROM installed app? then you have followed below very simple tutorial, for flash custom ROM in your android device, without wiping data. how to install custom ROM using PC.

There so many peoples are also asked this question How to flash Custom ROM in Android Phone. So, Guys, you can simply flash / update ROM without wipe data of your device. Also Checkout Spotify Premium Apk for iOS Now just you want to do some customization on your device and change look and feel of your mobile phone. In today’s all world you have heard the name of Cyanogen MOD the Blackberry. So You can simply flash ROM without losing data in android device easily. Isn’t it quite good? You might be changing your custom ROM always without any issues or problems and at that time while changing your custom ROM you often loose your all mobile phone data or files. Which is really a very bad thing and you need to transfer all data again on your mobile phone. Also, Read for How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

How to Install Custom ROM Without Root

You can transfer your all storage mobile phones data such as magic, Pictures, audio videos and much more but what about Application or game data? You can’t get that data on your mobile phone. There are so many devices are getting Great Custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod 13 New Platform etc. In this Guide. I will be coming again up with a guide in which I’ll be showing you how can you keep your data save in your mobile phone and simply again restore your app data very easily way. I am going to show you 2 methods in which you can save your mobile phone data and both two methods are very good. If the first method is failed then you simply try to second method and I am 100% sure the second method is working.

After Flash Custom ROM in your device, Now you to simply Download Gapps for Marshmallow devices for use Google Play Store in Custom ROMs. Previously We have shared about Dolby Atmos Apk If you are changing your custom ROM then you have might root your android mobile phone too. install custom ROM without computer. Because this application only works in a rooted mobile phone and you can easily root your mobile phone and easily save your data or create a backup of your data and transfer it to your OTG pendrive of your Computer or Laptop. Then you can also get back that create the backup again and then no need to install any apps again just simply put down your phone and then you are good to go. SMS Bomber Online

Install Custom Rom Without Wiping Data

                                               Install Custom Rom Without Wiping Data

Requirements Before Flash Custom ROM Without Loosing Data (Important)

How to Install Custom ROM without Losing the data of your mobile phone

Step 1: At First Download and Install Titanium backup app in your device from above requirements.

Step 2: Now, open the application and grant root access for this your current ROM should be rooted.

Step 3: Now, You will Ignore all pop-ups Ads which are given a display on your mobile phone.

Step 4: Now, Simply Select on Menu button in the Top – Right and click on Batch Action.

install custom rom without losing data

Step 5: Now, After Click Batch Action button and then again click on User option and you will see and an option of Backup All User Applications.

install custom rom without losing data

Step 6: Wait Few minutes and let the backup process was complete and if you are having many applications it will take some times.

Step 7: There will be the folder in your internal memory or memory card named as Titanium Backup just simply copy or move to your Computer / OTG Pendrive.

How To Restore Your Data After Installing Custom ROM

Step 1: Now, After Successfully flashing your device it’s time to get your data back in your mobile phone.

Step 2: Install Titanium Backup application again from Google Play Store and Simply Open It.

Step 3: After Install Now Click on Menu button in the top right corner and then click on Batch Action.

Step 4: Make sure that you have already copied that Titanium Backup folder in your internal storage.

Step 5: After Click on Batch Action option and then Select Restore All Apps and restore all applications with its also the data

install custom rom without wiping data


If you are not getting any application in your backup just clear down the data of titanium backup and then try it. This method is 100% completely safe and there are no problems at all. Now let’s take the other steps to the method.

#2 Method for Install Custom ROM Without Losing Apps / Data

In This Second method install custom ROM without losing data. You can do your backup with only a few minutes and it is very fastest process but in this case so many times it is having some issues and it is not stable so we will recommended you to use Some peoples are the first method doesn’t like to wait and wait for such a long time and this is the reason why most of the users are doesn’t likes using the titanium backup because it’s a slower processing and slower restoring and you have to install titanium backup again and again. Also Checkout this process How to Increase app Storage in MTK Android Phones

If you are facing any problems or issues the simply you have clear the data of the application easily start again and again. In So many devices such as one plus two the data doesn’t have deleted while simply installing Custom ROM so you all know that titanium backup method is good for these types of mobile phones. You can also read discussion about this topic from xda itself. So you can also follow the another Guide for given below. Also Read Disposable Mobile Number for Verification

Step 1: Now, In this method, you can restart your mobile phone into your custom recovery make sure that you are using any custom recovery only such as Philz, TWRP or CWM

Step 2: Now, Make you will simply click on the Backup of the data partion only

install custom rom without losing apps

Step 3: Now Simply Click on Advance Backup button and then click on Data Partition

Step 4: Now, Your backup is progress and if the backup will complete you may follow the next step.

Step 5: Now, Factory Reset your mobile phone and then flash the custom ROM on your device and Gapps of your handset

Step 6: Simply clean your Dalvik Cache and then click Restore button

restore twrp backup with cwm

Step 7: Now, You will click on  Advance Restore and then simply restore the data which have to make  in 3 easy steps.

Final Words

Make sure you have cleared the Dalvik cache and process to next step by step Guide and Now you can restore all data of your mobile. Now, you will never loose your data this was the article about how can you Install custom ROM in your device without loosing data. So many peoples always ask me this question for how to install custom ROM without PC, how to install custom ROM on android from PC, and do I need to root to install a custom ROM So Guys, In this article, I am shared your all Solution for related your all queries. Also, Checkout How to read WhatsApp messages without opening app I Hope You like and Enjoy this article for how to install custom ROMs android. If You face any types of problems the simply feel free to comment below and keep visiting for more updates tips and tricks like this 🙂

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