How To Get Back Your Lost Clash Of Clans Village? Yes! 2021

recover lost clash of clans village


Do you know that how to get lost clash of clans village back? You know you were playing very good. But what can you if  you lose you village in clash of clans? Don’t take tension! I have mentioned here Solution. In This tutorial, I am going to tell you full Guide entire process of getting lost Clash of Clans Village back. From past few days I’m quite furiously writing about COC and its issues. This is the most frustrating moment one can ever face. Previously we was also shared Indian Disposable Mobile Number You can Played with your passion from a small village to a powerful one. And It take few months and sleepless night to build that Village ? But suddenly on one very bad day you lost your Village. Than If you are thinking about how to get old clash of clans base back then simply you can follow these easy steps by steps Guide.

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Situation like above is a common with players mostly newbies who are playing for the first time and don’t know how game works. We never bother to link our game to save progress and ends up loosing whole village. Are you ready to find out how? Must Read

Here you go!

How to Get Lost Clash of Clans Village Back?

At First, of all I want you to know the backup and restore for most of the time it can rescue you from losing the village.

How to get back lost Clash of Clans Village

    get back lost Clash of Clans Village

How to Backup Clash of Clans Game Data?

In order to backup the game data on Clash of Clans, you need to sign into your Google Plus account within the game.

Step 1: First, Open COC game. I know you are tempted to play the game. But not this time! Just you can simply go to Settings option.

Step 2: There you can see Google+ Sign In. Most Probably, you will see Disconnected label there on a button.

how to get the lost clash of clans village back

You can Click on to Sign Google+ button. And it will ask you to grant permission. Just Simply you can Select on Sign in and, there you go!

get back your lost village in clash of clans

From now on, every progress you make will be saved online.

How to Restore Clash of Clans Backup?

Now that you are know the How to Create Clash of Clans backup process, You must know that how to restore Clash of Clans backup it. Say you bought a new phone and want to resume the game from the level you were playing on your old device. You should proceed to the following for it.

Step 1: Open the app and goto the Settings option. You will not find it difficult to access the same.

Step 2: Just as you can read in the above process, you have to log into your Google Plus Profile.

That’s all. Right from the moment you sign into the Google Plus Account, Now the game will start syncing with the servers so that, you will have the entire data within some times.

If You are login to the Google + Account in the game, You all data will be preserved forever. You know that How to get back lost Clash of Clans Village now (via backup& restore method), don’t you?

In This situations you can’t restore your data, You should do the following process to get your bank account back.

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How to Get Back Lost Clash Of Clans Village

I am assuming that you COC village is completely out of your hand than you have only left with single option to get it back of your village. In such a scenario, you can follow this section to get your village back.

Step 1: In order to know that how to get back your lost village in Clash of Clans, you already open the app first.

Step 2: You should open the COC Game Setting next. for every option change, including backup and restore, we need to connect online server.

Step 3: You can also see a Help & Support button. Don’t hesitate to Click on the same.

recover a lost clash of clans village

Step 4: Once you Click on the Help and Support option, then you can see a page with common issues and there solution.

Lost Village Section can be easily seen. And, you need to simply select it without any issues.

how to recover a lost clash of clans village

Step 5: Now, You will get a receive number of threads related to finding for I lost my village. How do I get back?’

how to restore a lost clash of clans village

Step 6: Clash of Clans team itself has described the complete method of get lost village back there. I am assuming up the essence here.

Step 7: Once open the app and go to Settings. As I said earlier, You have successfully access this once to change everything about the game.

Step 8: Already, you can see the Help and Support option. Like everything in the game, the button too is a bit fancy.

Please Don’t forget to tap on the same.

Step 9:  Top-Right part of the screen, You can see a Send Button. You can click and used to contact the customer care team of the game.

Step 10: You must enter the following details to get yourself the official help. They want the info to identify you as a gamer and your COC village because so many hackers are available for fraud work.

  • Enter Name of your Clans.
  • Enter Name of your Clans villages.
  • The level of your villages.
  • The level of your village’s Town Halls.
  • When you started playing your old account?
  • Add a screenshot of the old village if you have

How can I recover my Clash of Clans village

Step 11: Simply Click on Send button. There you go! You will get a confirmation screen.

What If you don’t get the confirmation screen, or you can’t contact them from the game?

Well, then you can also directly email them to get your Clash of Clans Village Back.

[email protected] is their email address. You can either copy the address or click on it to start sending the email.

Step 12: Most probably, they will reach out to you for confirmation. When they will ask again for same details  you more than four days.

Step 13: Now It’s time to wait few days. You need to wait only some days to get them back to you. They won’t usually take more than four days.

Step 14: You will get an alphanumeric code via message. The code is the one that helps you get your village back.

So Simply just go to Link a Device option and enter the received code there. That’s all it takes.

Now you know that how to get lost Clash of Clans village back, right?

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Wrapping Up

So Guys, This was one of the best and easy method for How can I recover my Clash of Clans village. What do you think? Don’t Just think! Go over and get restore your lost village back. The more time you take to recover, the more difficult it becomes. Any case you suddenly forgot your Google account credentials, Simply you need to visit Gmail (or any other Google service) and access the login page. Then, follow Need Help>> I don’t know my password>> Continue. You have to act accordingly then.

Most of the times you roam around searching for how to get lost village back on Clash of Clans without any sense as a simple Google Plus login can do all the magic. I hope you like and enjoy this article. And Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you have any problems regarding this post then simply drop down your comment below I will try to help you out. Thanks for visiting.




  1. Thank you for the amazing guide. The real thing is this trick will work after the latest update. They have changed many things after the latest update. Please check that it will work after the latest update or not and please reply me must.

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