500+ Free Directory Submission Sites List | High PR (2016)

500+ Free Directory Submission Sites List | High PR (2016)
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Directory Submission Sites List: Hi Guys, I am back again with the new Tips and information only for your. So, Today i will share you 500+ Free High PR Directories Submission Sites List. So, If you are looking the directory submission site lists. So, Here are in this post i will share good directory submission sites and that will help your to get backlinks from various resources.

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I Think if you are all know that Directory Submission is a Part of SEO. Directory Submission sites is We Can improve your link popularity of our Websites. So, You all Everyone are find the high pr directory submission sites list But you can don’t take the tension i will share here the best directory submission sites to Improve the Site Ranking plus Link popularity. So, Here are the list you will see New and free instant approval directory submission sites list 2016. Sites according the Page Rank. High (PR) Dofollow directory submission sites list.

High PR Directory Submission Sites List


                                               Free Directory Submission Sites

List of Top Directory Submission Sites

High PR (Page Rank) Directory Submission Sites is a very good part of SEO And It is help the improve your Websites and blog ranking. Directory Submission sites is also help the Your website is keep the healthy and strong. This is the most important and best part of your Website directory submission is do it to an extent that google de-index’s your blog. Read This article below to find out the tips regarding High PR Directory Submission Sites. ?

Types of Directory Submission

There are the mainly three types of Directory Submission sites, but some webmaster is define the form of doing Directory Submission like niche directory submission, manual directory submission and automation directory submission.

Primary type of Directory Submission

1). Paid or Featured Listing

2). Free or Regular Listing

3). Regular Link with Reciprocal

Paid or Featured Listing: This is the opt free Directory listing, You will need pay the directory submission sites Admin or Owner. But There are the limit depending amount on the directory submission sites. When you opt for paid listing, You can get the 100% guaranteed approve your directory Submission but you have paid then owner and admin.

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Free or Regular Listing: if you have opt or for free directory listing, But there is no guaranty for approve your directory submission site. And webmaster of directory submission sites owner are checks your directory submission sites information is manually also day by day if he found the everything is good and all are right, And he approves the lots of  sites every day are submitted, so it is already takes the lots of time to get the approval. It Takes the Sometimes more than few months and also a day. So, You can try To increase chances for approval first read guidelines is unique of directory submission sites since every directory submission has different guidelines. Some directories submission offer are you can create the links permanent and also for completely free listing while some for a particular period.

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Regular Link with Reciprocal: if you have Regular link opt with the reciprocal, Then you need to give the from the owner site backlink them. It means they have provide the code and you need to paste that code into your website’s page to validate reciprocal link.

What is the Importance of Directory Submission in SEO?


Many bloggers and Website Owners use the different types of SEO techniques, and directory submission is one the best and popularly always used methods. You may be giving time for Blog commenting on other blogs, guest post submission, forum posting, etc., But you have forgotten the most important things importance of directory submission in SEO. You all are know that SEO is an easy thing, and you have won’t to try able to rank the unless all the strategies.

So, Here let me make you are understand why directory submission is important by the most of the SEO experts and Professional Bloggers.

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1). Better Search Engine Ranking

You also are know that there are many different popular web directory submission sites are available and you have got very good search engine ranking. So Guys, This is the most important thing is making the huge list of these free directory submission sites list with good ranking and you are also build the backinks. Last Time I was posted about What is SEO and How it is Useful For Better Rankings By submitting and share your website or blog link to some of the highly ranked web latest directory submission website list, you all are definitely trying to able make your Website posts are rank better than before in the search engines. How to improve search engine ranking. If your competitors have not submitted & not build backlinks their blog to the best web free directory submission sites list and then you’ll be definitely increase able to get better search engine ranking for your blog posts.

2). Link Popularity

Link Popularity One of the best reasons which you are making the many bloggers consider directory submission it is most important thing you are submitting your blog links to best free directory submission sites may have boost the link popularity of your website or blog. By having some of the best incoming links to your blog and then your blog link popularity is automatic boost and increase, you all are definitely able to improve your blog’s or website ranking in search engines and also for many competitive keywords. Good and High quantity number of backlinks from blog web directory submission sites have already then your blog ranking are increase day by day from search engine So, This method is you will follow and How to increase your link popularity.

3). Indexing of Pages and Blog Posts

Indexing of Pages and Blog Posts Top directory submission sites is helps in faster indexing of your latest blog posts or article and create new web pages to your Website. By having more incoming Backlinks, This methods you will follow very carefully then search engines may be able to find your blog quickly and index your blog in search engines faster. You shall be able to index all the new blog article and web pages very easily by submitting your blog to the best list of free directory submission sites for SEO.

4). Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Directories are most important for your blog this is also help in getting many ways to more traffic coming as your content is promoted in the best way. If You may be able to get some of the most interested readers through web directories. Some of the web directories may keep providing you some traffic regularly which may ultimately make your blog become a popular one. If you do not have readers who come again and again to your blog, then definitely you need to start doing directory submission now itself Many Peoples are also ask this question How to drive heavy traffic to my blog.

5). Improve Keyword Relevancy

Directory submission will help you in improving the keyword ranking of your  website or blog. This is possible to because few directories submission sites will allow you to use your article anchor text containing the primary keyword. By having Choose the Good anchor text for your keyword anchor listings, you’ll be able to get better keyword relevancy. When you always create and use of the right keywords in the anchor text, Then, you’ll definitely improve & maintain your keyword ranking in the search engine for long-term Websites.

For getting all the advantages & benefits of directory submission, you need to give enough time for it. You’ll need to submit & and select your website/blog to the right option category of the particular web directories, provide the information required which includes description and keywords. The last and most important thing you’ll need to confirm the submission by checking your E-mail.

I Know that You may always find the some allow free submission web directories but while some web directories are paid, and they ask for the submission fee. But Paid web directories are provide you more advantages than free web directories. SEO is most important to you, then start giving importance to directory submission for getting the best results to search engine ranking for the most competitive keywords.

Guidelines For Directory Submission

Every directory Sites has been self guidelines. Only if you follow those, you can get approval. Always directory editors are check directory submission manually to ensure you followed all instructions or avoid spamming and you will always build the backlinks in manually don’t use the any types of tools or software like Scrape-box Etc. When you submit your blog or website, ensure you follow all following guidelines. I categorized guidelines into seven parts.

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Every directory has owned criteria. I Think Mostly directly Websites are accept the company name without including any keyword and also without any issues into the title. In this case, you should only use your official website name. Ex. My Website name is Techtrickseo.com. So Title is Techtrickseo. It doesn’t contain any keyword. It has only official blog name.

Many directory Websites are accept the keywords into the Website description to describe the website. In this case, you should always remember the below most important points into your mind while doing directory submission.

  • Title length should be between 20 to 50 character.
  • Title should be relevant and descriptive.
  • Title doesn’t seem promotional.
  • Title should be meaningful and not Fill-up with stuffed keywords.
  • Avoid the use of exclamation mark and repetition of keywords and avoid words like best, cheaper, good, No.1, etc.

Description & Meta Description

Many times you apply for directory submission, but you get a few approval. Because the Reason is can be inaccurate your description also. Below are some good guidelines. You Keep always remember these important points in your mind while writing a description for directory submission.

  • All important points are mentioned for the title, This is also applied in description except title length.
  • Don’t mention the address details, phone number and pricing they can be vary according to time.
  • Avoid using etc., others, or even in description’s end.
  • Write more specific means that you website offer.(don’t stuff with keywords in long-term Website).

Keywords & Meta keywords

There are the no special guidelines & Tutorials for keywords. Avoid to using the same keyword again & again. Keywords format: keyword1, keywords 2, keywords 3 …. Some directories allow spaces instead using a comma.


Many people are always make silly mistakes choosing a category. Take your some more time and find or choose the great category even you can also check the sub category. You can found best sub category which is best suite to your blog. Some websites are allow the option to suggest a category but not all website. If you don’t see any relevant category. Now, Select on suggest category button and submit your site. Directory owner or editor found this category this is great suits your website and best for their directory. Now, Your website is added to a new category.

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Some directories don’t be strict about URL. But make sure you follow below points.

  • Submit the Website URL into the correct format line by line. Many directory blogs are accept the URL into http://www.techtrickseo.com. Only a some directories are taken without http:// means www.techtrickseo.com. Most directories Websites are own demand to add and forward the slash’/’ symbols at the end of URL. When it is notified, add this. Otherwise, you can’t submit your website.
  • Do not submit parked domain websites that have no content or under construction.
  • Only submit your website URL home page unless specified for inner pages. Avoid the completely use of index in the end of Link. This is the fully correct format is http://www.techtrickseo.com.
  • Only a Some directories are accept the hosted domain on free hosting services like techtrickseo.blogspot.com or techtrickseo.wordpress.com etc.


Most sites owners are not used the different emails id but if you are used your Website email means my blog URL is www.Techtrickseo.com, my Website email l id is: [email protected] you can use your domain email, there is no chances to reject your comment. Few Websites are don’t accept the any types of free emails like [email protected] or [email protected] So Guys it is the best methods if you are use your domain email id.

Website Content

Some, Blogs owners are particular about the website content. I Think Make sure you mentioned the all some important points and follow very carefully.

Please Don’t submit your any Blogs or websites which are under construction. I Think your website all pages have built before you do directory submission.

Again i am warn you Don’t submit your websites any content or mirror content.

Most directory submission Websites are also particular about the pages and not accept the single web page site URL. Make sure you submit the 2-3 sites pages.

Step by Step Guide To Website Submission into Directory Site

1.) Visit Website

2.) Select category

3.) Select SubCategory

4.) Select on Submit Button or Add listing option

5.) Fill-up the forum with all required information like as title, meta description, description, keywords, website URL, meta keywords, name and email.

6.) After fill the form Now, you will Select on submit button that will be shown below the form.

7.) Now, You will get a confirmation code your email I’d  from the verification. Now its time to open your email I’d and Select on the verification link in your mail.

8.) Now, Your Backlinks are build for the Directory Submission sites has been Done for your website.

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500+Free High PR Directory Submission List of 2016 for Site Submission

Websites Page rank
http://www.usalistingdirectory.com/ 6
http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/ 6
http://www.usgeo.org/ 6
http://www.dizila.com/ 6
http://hdvconnect.com/ 5
http://3tot.net/ 5
http://www.dmoz.org/ 7
http://www.exalead.com/ 6
http://www.scrubtheweb.com/ 6
http://www.entireweb.com/ 6
http://www.somuch.com/ 5
http://www.gigablast.com/ 3
http://www.activesearchresults.com/ 5
http://www.webworldindex.com/ 5
http://www.a1webdirectory.org/ 5
http://www.sonicrun.com/ 5
http://www.surfsafely.com/ 4
http://www.officialsearch.com/ 5
http://business-inc.net/ 5
http://www.secretsearchenginelabs.com/ 4
http://mastermoz.com/ 5
http://www.intelseek.com/ 3
http://www.infotiger.com/ 4
http://www.rdirectory.net/ 4
http://www.247webdirectory.com/ 4
http://www.w3catalog.com/ 5
http://www.ananar.com/ 4
http://www.amray.com/ 4
http://www.addbusiness.net/ 4
http://www.baikalglobal.com/ 4
http://www.acewebdirectory.com/ 4
http://www.1websdirectory.com/ 4
http://www.happal.com/ 4
http://www.livepopular.com/ 4
http://www.momsdirectory.net/ 4
http://www.nonar.com/ 4
http://www.bedwan.com/ 4
http://huttodirectory.com/ 4
http://thinkfla.com/ 4
http://add-oncon.com/ 4
http://wewebware.com/ 4
http://loadspy.com/ 4
http://www.aoldir.com/ 4
http://www.free-url-submit.com/ 4
http://wewebware.com/ 4
http://loadspy.com/ 4
http://greefl.com/ 4
http://aviationprints.net/ 4
http://3tot.net/ 5
http://thinkfla.com/ 4
http://hdvconnect.com/ 5
http://add-oncon.com/ 4
http://link-minded.com/ 3
http://zebralinks.com/ 1
http://www.elink2biz.com/ 4
http://www.linkusback.com/ 2
http://www.dizila.com/ 6
http://www.iagora.org/ 7
http://what2dotricities.com/ 2
http://www.directorylinksite.com/ 2
http://www.prlinksdirectory.net/ 2
http://pysld.com/ 2
http://www.onlinewebdirectory.org/ 2
http://huttodirectory.com/ 4
http://www.abovealldirectory.com/ 2
http://bestseodirectory.net/ 2
http://www.listingtrend.com/ 3
http://www.initiateone.com/ 3
http://bestrr.net/ 1
http://www.galyeannursery.com/ 3
http://www.directory.edu.vn/ 3
http://www.thedirectorylistings.org/ 3
http://www.web-directory-sites.org/ 3
http://dondir.com/ 3
http://www.generalbusinesswebdirectory.com/ 3
http://www.likeddot.com/ 3
http://dir.org.vn/ 3
http://www.websiteslist.org/ 3
http://www.priordirectory.com/ 3
http://directory.tl/ 3
http://www.voxcap.com/ 3
http://www.directorylike.com/ 3
http://zexro.info/ 2
http://mugro.info/ 2
http://www.abacusseo.com/ 2
http://www.auhana.com/ 2
http://gainesvillesbest.com/ 2
http://www.10directory.com/ 2
http://www.ewebresource.com/ 2
http://www.generaldirectorylistings.org/ 2
http://www.linkdirectorylistings.org/ 2
http://www.whytes.net/ 2
http://www.ceev.org/ 2
http://www.realplayerlive.com/ 2
http://jotwell.us/ 2
http://www.directorysource.info/ 2
http://www.ec123.net/ 2
http://bestseodirectory.net/ 2
http://www.onlinewebdirectory.org/ 2
http://pysld.com/ 2
http://www.prlinksdirectory.net/ 2
http://what2dotricities.com/ 2
http://www.triplewdirectory.com/ 3
http://www.w3catalog.com/ 4
http://www.cipinet.com/addurl/ 4
http://www.netinsert.com/ 4
http://www.reddit.com/ 8
https://delicious.com/ 8
http://www.pinterest.com/ 9
http://www.stumbleupon.com/ 8
http://www.bizsugar.com/ 5
http://youmob.com/ 4
http://www.braniewo.net/ 2
http://www.postolia.com/ 2
http://www.yemle.com/ 3
http://cyberplea.com/ 3
http://www.felmausa.com/ 3
http://anndas.com/ 3
http://freeticketopen.com/ 3
http://advertisars.com/ 1
http://fwisp.com/ 5
qqpipi.com 4
a2zbookmarks.com 3
http://milocalbuilder.com/ 2
http://spider-robot.com/ 2
http://eshoptong.com/ 2
http://thekviz.com/ 2
http://diggpedia.com/ 2
http://wikipole.com/ 2
openfaves.com 2
http://cheerdances.com/ 2
indofeed.com 2
http://www.bookmark4you.com/ 4
sociopost.com 2
http://manchfu.com/ 2
http://lydla.com/ 2
bamawater.com 2
bookmarkindonesia.com 2
http://articleto.com/ 2
http://pictureguycabo.info/ 2
http://thetogbox.com/ 2
http://mettablog.com/ 1
pligg.in 1
http://www.sociopost.com/ 2
http://www.onemilliondirectory.com/submit.php 4
http://www.finest4.com/submit.php 3
http://www.searchenginelinkbuilding.com/ 1
http://www.submiturllink.com/ 1
http://www.submiturltosearch.com/ 1
http://ittel.li/ 1
http://www.ewebgazette.com/ 1
http://www.addurlusa.com/ 1
http://www.correctedbyreality.com/ 1
http://www.addtopath.com/ 1
http://www.mccregion6.net/ 1
http://www.qindex.org/ 1
http://www.tele-script.com/ 1
http://www.cafeatlantico.info/ 1
http://www.addurltogooglesearch.com/ 1
http://www.howtouseseo.com/ 1
http://www.addurlcomputers.com/ 1
http://www.sitesubmit2.com/ 1
http://www.submitsitetodirectories.com/ 1
http://www.addurlshopping.com/ 1
http://www.linkbuildingfree.com/ 1
http://www.submiturlforshopping.com/ 1
http://www.addurlgames.com/ 1
http://www.optimizationlinkbuilding.com/ 1
http://www.uklinkbuilding.com/ 1
http://www.seoserviceslinkbuilding.com/ 1
http://www.lawaddurl.com/ 1
http://www.seoukaddurl.com/ 1
http://www.abdil.net/ 1
http://www.addurlarts.com/ 1
http://www.healthsafetyaddurl.com/ 1
http://www.addfreewebsite.com/ 1
http://www.fer-bl.org/ 1
http://www.freeaddurlbusinessdirectory.com/ 1
http://www.traveladdurl.com/ 1
http://www.d1mm.net/ 1
http://www.haircareaddurl.com/ 1
http://www.concentraweb.com/ 1
http://www.autopilotdirectory.com/ 1
http://www.textlinkdirectory.com/ 1
http://www.addyoursiteto.com/ 1
http://www.freewebsiteadd.com/ 1
http://www.definitionofadd.com/ 1
http://www.jqueryadd.com/ 1
http://www.directoryenquries.com/ 1
http://www.addacommentname.com/ 1
http://www.freeurlsite.com/ 1
http://www.businessdirectoryinuk.com/ 1
http://www.seoaddurl.com/ 1
http://www.addurltowebsites.com/ 1
http://www.homeadditon.com/ 1
http://www.addurlfreedirectory.com/ 1
http://www.freewebsiteurl.com/ 1
http://statusbarplus.com/ 1
http://www.linkteve.com/ 1
http://www.ecctrade.com/ 1
http://www.idahoindex.com/ 1
http://threddit.org/ 1
http://www.conceptnova.org/ 1
http://www.1m1.biz/ 1
http://www.shistlbb.com/ 1
http://www.filiber.net/ 1
http://www.bobresources.com/ 1
http://www.addlinkin.com/ 1
http://www.directorybunch.com/ 1
http://www.athenelinks.com/ 1
http://www.web-directory-site.com/ 1
http://www.directory-listingsnow.org/ 1
http://www.alabamaindex.com/ 1
http://bestrr.net/ 1
http://directorydub.com/ 1
http://vloggerdirectory.com/ 1
http://zebralinks.com/ 1
http://www.webdirectoriesdirectories.com/ 1
http://www.lntski.com/ 1
http://www.linkbuildingsites.com/ 1
http://www.isitlinked.com/ 1
http://weddo.info/ 1
http://www.kuoid.co.uk/ 1
http://www.webpageurls.com/ 1
http://www.seowebdirectoryfree.com/ 1
http://www.dir-submitter.info/ 1
http://vloggerdirectory.com/ 1
http://biomedlinks.com/ 1
http://www.topdirectorylinks.com/ 1
http://www.getbusinesslisting.info/ 1
http://www.getbacklink.info/ 1
http://www.redozone.addr.com/ 1

Instant Approved Free Directory Submission Sites List (Tested List)

Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List 2016



Directory Submission Site I Hope, you will like & enjoy this article at 500+ High PR Free Directory Submission List of 2016 WebSite Submission, This free directory submission list for seo 2016 is very useful, And please don’t forgot to share with your friends at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, etc. Stay tuned at TechTrickSeo fore more cool stuffs like this.

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