Cyanogen’s New MOD Platform Will Allow Developers To Deeply Integrate Their Apps Into Its OS 2019

how to install cyanogen mod

How to install CyanogenMod: Generally So many times Android mobiles are standalone experiences that work is own surrounding but never crack the OS’s Root Integration. Also Here check out How to Root Android device without PC. However Cyanogen, The company is known for a highly customizable operating system and this is completely based on android releasing new platform – ‘MOD’ and which willfully permit to access core fragments of Android resulting in much deeper application meshing.

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Latest Cyanogen OS 13.0 Mod Platform


The main idea is behind it to prove developers with native Android APIs, Something Google has to get doesn’t proposal as a thing could anything is wrong then the application doesn’t work properly then it’s your responsibilities use the app very carefully.

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True-caller or Skype’s extension is fused with the default Android phone application, There are fully hence providing lots of much seamless affair than magic between two different applications. But Considering the security problems that could come up, Cyanogen is launched a new rule Cyanogen is only providing trusted developers for testing its new platform.

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Vikram Natarajan, Cyanogen’s SVP of global partnerships says “We feel OS innovation has stagnated or stalled, Apps have been stuck for a long time.” The idea with MOD then is to move far beyond what apps are capable of there are also CyanogenMod 13 available So you can simply download.

Cyanogen launches ‘MOD’ platform

Cyanogen’s close relationship with Microsoft, With the help of Co-Founder and CEO Bill Gates, it just not a surprise the team didn’t just take Skype but also Cortana and built a mod for it as well. Using this Latest CyanogenMod Platform, The all team was voice record services are provides into the camera app. Thanks to this you can now use your voice to take a selfie instead of having to fumble with the camera button. The team also took a Microsoft’s Hyperlapse and integrated it directly into the camera app as well.

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Similarly, Cyanogen MOD was build to more interactive look screen experience that peoples are the force to allows to see latest updates from their favorite social networks without having to log into the OS. The Cyanogen MOD Platform was roll out the Cyanogen Users with cyanogen devices with the launch the Cyanogen OS 13.0 Version for next month.

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The company has also launched a program for its OEM and MNO partners (“MOD ready”) who want to enable their devices for the platform. And Cyanogen was provided these partners with development kit tools and it will ensure that Software is ready for largest peoples generation of Chipset.

Cyanogen At MWC 2019

Cyanogen OS and Cyanogen are still the niche products, Yes I am right of course, it remains to see how many developers are Investing in writing these new kids of the lightweight app. It’s was so many hard works for developed the iOS and Android, after all, Android and iOS was the most popular and also so many peoples are like. Adding another different platform with relative little reach may turn out to be a step too far for many. I am Surely saying that through, this definitely and interesting approach it will see so many Interesting  things if you also see OS vendors will decide to go a similar route Head over MOD’s official website to check out more details.

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