5 Basics Tips Of Blog Commenting

Hello guys, Tech Trick Seo is back again, I have seen the many newbie bloggers are asked what about the role of BLOG COMMENTING in the blogging. So, friends in this post i will share you some Benefits of Blog Commenting Also the some key points to considered before you start the commenting On other Websites or Blogs.


Basics of Commenting and blog-comments

First of all, you will see this article What is blog comment??


Blog Commenting: is the what that make the Blogs social and interactive.  This not a complicated any method, it is the very simple just like the it just a commenting on the other blogs, engaging is the reader and write or just a simplify appreciating the post.

Now, lets I am coming to the point some different types advantages of blog commenting. there is numerous types and i miss some, So, you can comment below what is I am missing.

1. Traffic:- Yes, guys Blog commenting is the most important role in getting your site traffic. With the new plugins just like the Commentluv and Etc. You can share you Articles and while commenting on their blogs. If you are share your Articles link and then you get many of visits from the blog.where you commented. I am suggest commenting on the some High PR blogs can get the high traffic to your site.

2.Backlinks:- Yes, This is the right you are get the blog commenting that is Also the backlinks. They are may be Do-follow and No-follow but as the Newbie Bloggers are tried to treat the every backlinks are the same.

3. Tit for Tat:- This is the also the observed that you are more comment on other blogs and that also more comment on your blogs.

4. Exposure:- By this is consistent blog commenting and you get the backlinks on the some good blogs. And you get the exposed in the blogging world. I can explain and you will get the Experience.

5. SERP:- Yes blog commenting is the very benefits of your blogs and You, will see the increase in your search engine result. your future Article and Post will be indexed on the Google in much faster. And also you will see the increase your ranking. Thus the part of SEO in Done this process.

Well This is the some important Do’s and Don’t before you start.

1. Don’t the spam you should be familiar With this all words.

2.Your comment will be written the good manner and related to the post where comment.

3. This is very important Don’t forget to say the thanks the writer for providing the such Good content and information.

4.Do not just the any post of you comment. Comment on your topic which based Blogs and post for effective results.

5.Do not comment the any negative comments. Its create the negative atmosphere.

So, Guys this is the some important tips and points of Basics Of The Blog Commenting. I think every blogger are know that. If i am missed the any points or tips please friends you can freely comment below. I think i covered the all thinks basics of blog commenting. So, what are you waiting start the comment below.?


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