7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively & Make Money Blogging

Hello, Friends today i am back again with the new best tips and tricks. So, this tips is 7 Best Ways How To Monetize Your Blog Effectively  & Make Money Blogging So, you can read this Article very carefully how to monetize your blog with google adsense.

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seven case studies Monetize Your Blog Effectively & Make Money Blogging

How to monetize The blog and start the earnings some real money online?

I think we are all know that there are so many different types ways to earn the from blogging, but most of them are not work outdated and want work now.

So,friends i want be sharing you here, I’ll give some different ways to make money from the blogging. Lets start go it friends.

7 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Effectively & Make Money Blogging

1. Google Adsense


Google Adsense is the still most effectively ways to monetize your blog.

But you can give decent money once your starting the blog massive traffic.

Lets i am say your daily blog visitors is 1,000+, and you can easily and simple 100$ to 200$ a Month by the leveraging your site traffic. You can place your GA Ads Wisely to get the more clicks. After you will more click and you can earn the more money and how to monetize your blog and make money.

2. Banner ads

I know that if you are not interested in the placing the Google Adsense Ads on your site, Showing the banner Ads in the finest way to make the more money you can earn. You can use the buy sell Ads services to your site post details. But if your site are large numbers of receiving the traffic, You can get the many opportunities from the other people are placed the Ads on your sites. You can also the contact for the big brand and expert bloggers sites in your niche for the direct Advertisement. This is most profitable ways to earn the Blogging.

3. Product reviews

I am know that many people are $100 to $300 to just publishing the 4-5 reviews a moth on their blog. This method is very nice Publishing product reviews in the effective ways to earn the money from your blog. If just your site has the loyal readership and then it work like the charm. But you can charge the $100 to $400 to your site.

4. Blog services

You are a beginner and you have the passion towards selling your skills, this is the definitely for you. you can sell your writing services, theme creation , logo services, or plugin generation on your site to you make the money.

This is good about things from the monetizing but you don’t need the large numbers of traffic to your site and make the more money. The more visitors you have then you can earn the also more money generate each and every moth.

5. Affiliate marketing

Want to make money online you can sleep? Affiliate Marketing is the right choice to earn the money. But your hands are need some to the skills to sell the products to your Websites. Now, this time is remember for you no one like this to buy the stuff from the strangers. So, you can according to me if you have find the email list of the hungry person make the lots of money from the affiliate marketing. But you can take the many more of the patience this is the real key in making more money from the Affiliate Marketing.

6. Sell your own products

If you are nothing the works from the online, and sell your own products. It can the range from the selling information products, eBooks, theme, plugins Etc. It is all totally depends on your skills. You are good and better developers, writer, speaker?  And launch your products after the few analyzing your skills and maximize your revenue.

7. Build The Email List

Also one of the best and popular ways to make money online in build the Email list.

Email list is the best those way you can make the decent money from your blogging efforts. Money is the also in this list. if you are not build the any email list, but you are losing money on this table. you can start the email list building  from the day of your career.

1.Drive more traffic: This is the no matter How that your offer, You want to get the more subscriber without the more driving traffic to your site. You are thinking to your site are coming to the more traffic you can faster grow your Email list, It is the the very simple you can use the guest posting, BlogCommenting, Commenting, PPC Ads Etc. To the drive more traffic to your site.

2.Use a best autoresponder: I can also the use of recommended and get response. If your are real of the serious about the build in the email list, use the all devices to get the response.AWeber, mad the Mimi etc. Because email list is the best for the business and every were you can investment. I think you are got it.

3. Use effective call to actions: don’t use this types of words Like as a “get free update”  “Subscribe” this types of many words. on your blog. All people are just feed up seeing them. Use the attractive and effective words call to actions Like that “download your report” “Now get your freebie” You can use this types of words. To can the easily convince and your many visitors are subscribing to your mail list.

4. Use landing pages: Any sites pages are the very distraction in the general. But if you are more that the conversions of your lists, Try to get the using landing pages. Give the less distraction of your landing pages to the users and they more get conversions rates. And you can used this tools to like as Thrive Landing Pages, Optimized Press. And build the landing pages.

6. Use social media sites: Social Media is the best and right powerful way you can get the more email list. And this also Social media is the growing the bigger and bigger. I know that if you are not the spending the quality time of and engaging with the others Social media networks, I also know that you are losing the many visiting of your site. You can create the Facebook pages, and also create the Twitter and be active and get the increasing touches of the others people and also the Google+ is the also the help to grow your site.

7.Pro tip to making money online: First of all before you are using the Monetization, You can always be sure test the all and others model. I will say you Don’t try the all monetize your site all the using this method But your decision what you have the work. You can focus all the monetization method.

Another 20+ ways to monetize your website


1) Sell text-link ads

2) Set up “infolinks”

3) Use monetization widgets

4) Set up RSS feed ads

5) Give away premium content for extra $$$

6) Start a private forum or coaching class(es)

7) Create a job board

8) Offer consulting

9) Add “hire me” page on your website

10) Sell or rent internal pages

11) Display pop-ups advertisements

12) Use content lockers

13) Display audio ads

14) Sell an e-book

15) Create a conference around your website

16) Set up a teaching program

17) Set up a teaching program

18) Create a membership site

19) Host polls on your website 

20) Offer writing gigs

21) Create a paid directory/business page

22) Just copy what others are doing

My Final Words

Whatever what you have do it, Blog services, Sponsored reviews and, Affiliates marketing This is all the most amazing and best features parts from the Ads network. You can try to this all get the disappointed, you can also the try for the another features. Many options are waiting for your, just go to and find them how to create a blog and monetize it.

If you are any types of felling confused??? You can drop down your comment below we are ready to take your questions.



  1. best methods you have mentioned ! my ways of earnings are p.t.c , blogging & selling my own products online in ebay india. now want to start an complete affiliate blog.

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