6 Best Free Online Backlinks Checker Tools 2019

Hey guys I’m Back again with 5 best free Online Backlinks Checker Tools: With The regards to the SEO, much has different has changed in the last of couple years, but guys, one thing that is the same in the Backlink. Formerly, your are would be rank on the higher position on the number of backlinks you’ve gotten, but in the 2019 it’s all about the how many quality links you have to build it. Dolby Atmos APK

Last year, Google penguin algorithm update all killed are the private network blog and all the quality link are the devalued. In this articles i am share you some of the free online backlinks checker tools Websites. you can check the backlinks how many backlinks you have the build and gotten. Freedom APK


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Why you need The backlinks checker tools:


When, any sites link to your any page or sites from its websites, this is called the backlinks and backlinks is the most important things for the parameters and for high page ranking and better the keywords to you websites and your blogs. Google are the more priority and demoted of backlinks and added the more signals to rank your websites. Best Photo Viewer for Windows 7

Backlinks are the usually of the two ways:DoFollow Backlinks And NoFollow backlinks.

When,we talk about the creating the backlinks, When we are concentrate the on creating the DoFollow links. you can using the backlinks checker tools, And we count the Yu have how many backilnks you are created/build to your our Websites. Good numbers of your backlinks helps the immensely and improve your websites page rank and also the Moz our Sites.

Here, are the many online free backlinks checkers Tools will your helps the you can to see all the incoming Backlinks to your Website. You can Select the anyone Tools Based on your requirement and you like him. Some of the different types of results and detailed other offers only the backinks of number, But not the any registration or sign up that the process of Quick and easy.

  • Update: The semrush and added the backlinks and analytic features.

Find The backlinks to your site with these easy use backlinks checker websites:

Semrush, is a those tool I am using last of two years, and many new features are added the semrush, Its a becoming a very highly robust SEO tool.

So, friends few minutes before i am discussing the Backlinks checking features of the Semrush, I am must mention you that  is a not Free tool, but you can use this features and this is specially Completely free only 14 days. if you find the tools it be a usefull Tools, if cost of purchase is 149$.

SEMRUSH is has the extensive database This tool is updated daily for the new features you see them, Yo can to accurately check your Backlinks this reason is updated the daily SEMRUSH. Here, you can see the ScreenShot of their main page of SEMRUSH, I am checking the Backlinks for my Blog.


You can also the find of the details about the other country from which you are getting the links.

You can also the use of SEMRUSH Tools To check the backlinks your websites and your competitors website.

They have also the comparisons of the backlinks Tools you can compare your domain’s backinks and others domain’s, and get the compare report. here you can see this ScreenShot.


Overall, SEMSHUSH is the best tool to check your backlink and SEMRUSH is the few days, take the to yoour backlink index. Don’t Miss Spotify Premium APK | Best Sites to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

And you can only the the (14 Days) used the free trial. and you can cancel the anytime not be charged apply.

#1 AHrefs: Recommended for link detox


Ahrefs is the also best tools to check the backlinks that i find the worthy mentioned here. But it is paid backlink checkers tools, but you can Don’t take the tension if you are create the free account, you can a complete backlinks check, analysis, along with and you can also see the you site was increasing or decreasing.

This, also the offer for the great deal of related to the all backlinks to you sites, and again you see the you site was increasing or decreasing. Hide Apps on Android Without Root

you can follow the penguin updated, if you are hit the SEO and many negative work to you site Ahrefs is the suugest you can how to lifesving your site, This site you can all seen the details your link and percentage of the breakdown of your anchor text pointing to your site.

Ahrefs is the also my best and favorite tools list of the backinks checkers:

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#2 OpenLinkProfiler:


OpenlinkProfiler is the one of the bast and latest free Backlink checkers sites. Openlinkprofiler is the completely free tools site allow you the always and anytime you can checked the freshest backlinks (and all other backlinks). you can also the export of 1000 freshest backlinks in the .CSV format. This tools is the best and completely free option are available for checking backlinks to you site and competitor site.

#3 BuzzSumo:


Buzzsumo is the one of best and favorite in my list for backlinks checkers tools for the content marketing, and BuzzSumo is the also of the completely free backlinks checkers tools but this is also the pro. version. the pro version now added the feature allow to the checks the backlinks to your domain and you competitors sites. You have also the option of you van export the .CSV or Microsoft excel format.

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#4 BackLinks Watch: Free but not so accurate

Backlink watch is the also most of the popular tools and sites for check the backlinks of you blogs and sites. one of the  feature of the backlinkwatch i am do not like this pop-ups. pop-ups course, when be a closed with single “select” but pop-ups Ads are always Turn over me and (many other users) off. Backlink Watch is the not all backlinks provide you and all others information to your sites.

Backlink watch techtrickseo.com

#5 Open Site Explorer:

One of the all tools listed in this article, open the site explorer if you compare the backlinks between two or more sites, open the site explorer is the worth of your time. but you can trying it. this tools is the work of the best but you can paid the account SEOMOZ but one is the more benefits of this tools free version of this tools and site is work of good enough, Now friends you can start the checking the backlinks of your site and the sites of your competitors. YoWhatsApp Apk Download | WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

OpenSiteExplorer techtrickseo.com

#6 Link Diagnosis:

Link Diagnosis is the provides you different types of options while you can checking your backlinks For site and blog.

For Example:- If you optimization and you need a detailed, or if you check the backlinks for a entire Website and single page, Link diagnosis allow the all various types of features and offers you can use the all other features. if you it is the important for you know that, Link diagnosis is work best for Firefox Browser.

backlink-Diagnosis backlinks


This post and article was the pointed you toward some different types of the most trusted and fastest free backlink checkers Tools that you can used the check of your blog or site Backlink. I am also the suggest you Read the 5 benefits Of No-follow Backlinks.

Let me know that if any other tools know that I am allow you to check the backlinks of your sites or blogs in the fastest way as well as possible. Remember, Friends share this post with the others Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Etc!!


  1. kariyanayan says

    Hello Rahul. Good list of tools to check backlinks. I am using Semrush to check Backlinks. I will try some more tools in near future. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gaurav kumar says

    It is a really good lit of free online backlink checker tools. SEMRush is definily being more innovating in coming days also. Thank you for sharing this list.

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